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Most people who exercise have heard the term "CrossFit" and even some who do not, have still heard friends, family or acquaintances discuss the workout regiment that is spreading around the country and is a regular topic in publications such as Men's Health, Women's Health, Muscle and Fitness, and others.

CrossFit is a high impact activity that uses a combination of strength training, plyometrics, weight lifting, body weight exercises, gymnastics, kettle bells, and speed training and according to Rodney Morris, owner of CrossFit FHFC, it is going to be around for a while.

"We've been watching CrossFit for over five years and it just continues to grow. For example, you can now watch the international event, 'CrossFit Games,' on national TV and ESPN. CrossFit is growing and is very sustainable in smaller venues like the one we have here in Franklin. At CrossFit FHFC, we look forward to growing and building a stronger community," said Morris.

The benefits that people see come as a result of switching up the workout and targeting the major components of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.

"The science of what takes place in the body through CrossFit training is overwhelmingly beneficial. It's very effective due to the neuroendocrine response in the body through heavy loads, high heart rates and limited rest," says CrossFit FHFC Head Coach Mark Villanti. "We train all three energy systems in the body and leave nothing out."

Most people who choose to participate in CrossFit do so about three to five days each week. The high intensity workouts take about five to 20 minutes to complete. This can certainly be a benefit for those seeking a solid workout but who may be short on time.

And as Villanti says, there is no typical regimen.

"This is what makes CrossFit so wellrounded and beneficial. We continuously change up our workouts, strength training, and skill work for a better overall level of fitness," he said.

Various workouts can be performed alone or in a controlled setting with a group of people who may be able to assist or give valuable advice when performing the exercises, which is another added benefit, says Villanti.

"CrossFit creates a unique sense of community that helps create an atmosphere of camaraderie and determination."

CrossFit may not be for everyone though and anybody who may be interested in such regimens should consider their personal limitations. If someone is new to circuit training, plyometrics or has been previously injured, then they should especially proceed with caution, but this is where a trained staff can help.

"For many reasons, we start our entrylevel beginners with an 'on the ramp' program," coach Lauren Leatherman said. "This program gives new folks the ability to ease into the movements safely. On the ramp will provide four one-hour sessions that focus on proper movement, keeping our athletes safe throughout the learning process."

For those who are interested in CrossFit, Morris and staff will be holding an open house event that is free to anybody wanting to attend.

"We will provide a grill out with BBQ and smoked chicken, plus, we will have craft beer for those attendees that are 21 and over," said Morris. "We will be doing 'Workout of the Day' (WOD) demos at 4:30. By watching/doing the WOD, you will get a good idea of a CrossFit workout. This is a free event. We invite everybody to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn much more about CrossFit FHFC."


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