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News You might be from Franklin, NC if...

You might be from Franklin, NC if… “you’ve ever been terrified of getting stuck on town hill in a straight drive!” posts Melissa Watts, one of the over 1900 members of the new hit Facebook group “You might be from Franklin, NC if...”

The group, which started a mere two weeks ago, was started by Franklin native Oren Coin and is spreading like wildfire.

“I started this group July 29, with no great expectations,” said Coin. “It just went cosmic. I was bored at the time and looking for trouble. Damn sure got me some trouble.”

According to group member, Gail Kelly Lester, the group appeals to such a broad audience.

“It spans generations and is the modern version of sitting on the front porch listening to 'the old folks' tell stories about the olden days,” said Lester.

Anyone can request to join the group, and members are able to extend invitations to friends. Everyone is invited to share their favorite stories and memories about Franklin. Citizens of all ages are posting in the group, and whether it’s discussing driving the school bus when you were in 12th grade or living on a road named after your grandparent, people are talking.

The group promotes the small town atmosphere that draws many people to Macon County. Brad Finch posts “I’ve lived here so long, I forgot I’m not actually from here ... but thank you all for making me feel like I did.” Finch moved to Franklin from Florida, but has called Franklin home for much of his adult life.

When asked what she likes most about the group, another member, Mindie Mathis, writes, “The people, definitely, and learning more about the town I was born in and the fact that most people get along on here.”

“You might be from Franklin, NC if” is also a place for people to reconnect. Graduates from Franklin High are using it as a way to get in touch with their former classmates and plan reunions. Locals are able to ask the group if they know where an old friend is working now or where they are living. Members have also been updating friends about local news and business closings.

According to Coin, two things that will not be discussed in the group are religion and politics. Coin erases these discussions personally. “We are here to share experiences, past and present. Let’s keep it at that and just have fun,” he says.

So what is it about the group that makes it such a big success?

According to Tammy Crisp-Queen, it’s being able to remember what being from Franklin is really about. “I haven't lived in Franklin in years. My favorite thing about this is that it’s reminding me that I did grow up there and my mom and dad are from there and many summers were spent making memories and all of these comments are bringing things back that I had forgotten ... it’s amazing,” she said.

Coin insists, however, it’s because as he says, “I think Franklin peeps are cool and love their hometown.”

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