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News Rumors put to rest about pizza place

Local restaurant corrects equipment problem; reopens for business


In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating about Franklin’s Domino’s Pizza. Some were saying the restaurant, located at 417 East Main Street, was shut down because of a bug infestation. Other rumors were even more outrageous.

However, health inspectors say that the rumors have gone a little far, though the establishment did, in fact, close its doors for about a week.

Equipment deficiencies were found at Domino’s of Franklin, and Macon County health inspectors gave the store a 30-day time frame to correct the problem. A piece of refrigeration equipment in the kitchen was found to have an insect infestation by inspectors. The store then promptly removed the equipment for replacement.

The facility was not found to be an immediate health risk, according to Barry Patterson, Macon County Environmental Health Supervisor. He explained that if the situation had been any worse, the store would have been closed down by the county. “There were some bug issues. But we did not close them down,” he remarked.“This was a cleanliness issue isolated to one unit.”

“When we identified the problem they immediately took that unit out of the facility, and that satisfied us.”

The store voluntarily closed its doors a week ago, to prepare for reopening, after operating for approximately two weeks after the citation. They used ice to refrigerate their production line.

The store was given a temporary approval to use the ice for refrigeration, upon close monitoring by inspectors. “They were checked daily, and sometimes several times a day by the health department.” He added that if the method was not maintained, the department would then close the store down.

The inspection was in response to a complaint made by a customer on Jan. 4. claiming that a pizza purchased by the store had a number of cockroaches on it. Despite the rumors, there were no other pests living in the establishment, or on its pizzas, except for the one piece of equipment.

Domino’s of Franklin manager Paul Duvall said that the public has nothing to worry about. “The piece of equipment that we had a problem with, we took out of here. While we were in the process of replacing it, we were operating within the standards of the Macon County Health Department.”

Duvall added that additional health standards set by the Domino’s corporation required the store to shut down shortly after the infestation was discovered. The new equipment is now in, and none too soon, as surrounding pizza eateries have no doubt seen an increase in sales since the incident. “The state has given us a clean bill of health, and we’ve notified corporate,” said Duvall.

Domino’s of Franklin was back to regular operations as of press time.


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