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News County employees awarded for service

At a special ceremony on Tuesday to recognize the service of Macon County employees, Wilma Anderson, the county’s Director of Human Resources, was appreciated for her 35 years of dedicated service.Macon County’s Board of Commissioners recognized more than three dozen county employees for their years of service to the people of Macon County. A total of 37 employees were awarded a personalized plaque and pin during a presentation preceding the commission’s regular scheduled meeting Tuesday evening.

Chairman Brian McClellan opened the ceremony with a few words of praise for the county's dedicated employees. “We are here today to honor our county employees,” he said. “The county board appreciates each and every one of you for the time you have put in with the county and the contributions you have made. Each of you is important and each one of you is unique and each one is deeply appreciated by all of us.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done,” added Commissioner Kevin Corbin.

10 Years of Service - Seth Adams, Rhonda Blanton, Sheila Conley, Commissioner Kevin Corbin, James DuBose, Lisa Marling and Chuck Tallent. Not pictured, Karen Afonso, Lisa Browning, Clay Bryson, Cindy Dryman, Jeffrey O’Dell, Jimmy Teem and Christina Wallace.Commissioner Bobby Kuppers said that, compared to other counties, Macon County should consider itself fortunate. “You have no concept how lucky we are to have the people we have working for us,” he said.

Commissioner Ronnie Beale expressed his gratitude as well, saying, “Not many of you get even a thank you, but you are the ones who provide the services to the citizens. You are the face of Macon County. Thank you for all you do.”

Ron Haven also thanked the recipients, saying, “We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you, everyone of you.”

A reception for the employees was held following the awards presentation. The award recipients included:


35 years
Wilma Anderson

30 years
Fred Campbell

25 years
Robert Hunt
Richard Lightner
Patrick Muse
Bruce Wooten

20 years
Rebecca Barr
Shane Corbin
Melissa Leatherman
Kathy McDonald
Debbie Reeves
Tamara Welch
Royce Woods

15 years
Jennifer Alexander
Connie Baird
Sue Blaine
Teressa Curtis
Kyra Doster
Jennifer Hollifield
John Hook
Darryl Jamison
Diane Keener
Shane McConnell
Gene McDonald
Teresa McDowell

10 years
Seth Adams
Karen Afonso
Rhonda Blanton
Lisa Browning
Clay Bryson
Sheila Conley
Cindy Dryman
James DuBose
Lisa Marling
Jeffrey O’Dell
Chuck Tallent
Jimmy Teem
Christina Wallace

20 Years of Service - Rebecca Barr, Commissioner Ronnie Beale, Shane Corbin, Kathy McDonald, Debbie Reeves and Tamara Welch. Not pictured, Melissa Leatherman and Royce Woods.15 Years of Service - Teressa Curtis, Sue Blaine, Kyra Doster, Jennifer Hollifield, Commissioner Ron Haven, John Hook, Diane Keener, Gene McDonald and Teresa McDowell. Not pictured, Jennifer Alexander, Connie Baird, Darryl Jamison and Shane McConnell.Fred Campbell was recognized for 30 years of service.Kevin Corbin presents a plaque to Sheila Conley for her 10 years of service to Macon County.25 Years of Service - Commissioner Brian McClellan, Patrick Muse, Richard Lightner and Bruce Wooten. Not pictured, Robert Hunt.



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