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An Antique Car History Tour will take place in Macon County on Sunday, April 19. The tour participants will meet at the Franklin Town Hall, leaving there at 1:30 p.m. The excursion is expected to finish at the Motor Company Grill on Main Street at about 3 p.m.

Participation in the tour is free, but is for automobiles 50 years old or older (1900-1965 models). The event is not a parade, but a tour of the town of Franklin as well as some Macon County back roads. The cars will leave Town Hall in vehicle age order, oldest to newest. The trip is planned to cover about 25 miles, while passing 25-plus designated historic places.


As snow blanketed Macon County Monday night, residents woke up to find a winter wonderland.

Macon County News readers from across the county took to Facebook to share photos of their views throughout the morning.

While Monday night’s event brought 3-4 inches to the county, another storm expected overnight on Wednesday is predicted to see totals that could reach double digits.



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Jack Giddens celebrated his 98th birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Jack and his wife Marilu, who is 95 years old, live here in Franklin totally by themselves in an apartment.

Jack and Marilu just love Franklin, and they’ve been married for 74 years.

Jack's son-in-law Larry Schrock drives him on errands and his daughter Cheryl Schrock stays with her mother when they are out.

Other friends help out also.

The Giddens have three children, nine grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

One of the most recent displays in the Macon County Historical Museum honors and memorializes the United States military personnel who served during the Vietnam War. Vietnam was a war that stirred controversy in this country, spawning an anti-war movement and demonstrations that too often turned ugly. Many times abuse and insult targeted those who were actually their putting their lives on the line every day, doing a dirty, dangerous job their country sent them to do.

These military people were no less courageous than the individuals who served in the United States military in World War II or those who served in Afghanistan or Iraq.


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