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When Congressman Mark Meadows first sought to represent the 11th Congressional District, he ran on the promise of improving constituent services throughout the 17 counties he represents. Now in his second term, Congressman Meadows stands true to that mission and last Wednesday spent the day visiting with residents of Macon County.

"The best way to know what people in my district need and want is to ask them," Meadows said last week. "And one of the best ways to do that is to be in the district and to see folks face-to-face and to really listen to their concerns."


At the close of the 2015 non-profit funding pool application process for the town of Franklin, 14 local non-profits applied for a piece of the $40,000 pie that town officials set aside each year. With a $5,000 cap per request, the application requests totaled $66,000, which means over the next few weeks, town aldermen have to review each request and either decide not to allocate money to a specific non-profit or to not allocate the full amounts requested in order to stay within the budgeted $40,000.

Non-profit Requests

Appalachian Animal Rescue
Amount requested: $5,000 -- reoccurring
Purpose of funds: Funding would be used to assist low income residents with costs associated with the spaying and neutering of pets. Appalachian Animal Rescue is a no kill animal shelter. The more pets that are spayed and neutered means fewer animals on the streets and fewer being picked up by animal control.


A simple change in the wording of a traffic sign – from “Share the Road” to “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” – could help clarify the rules of the road for bicyclists and motorists, according to a North Carolina State University study.

“‘Share the Road’ signs are common but what that means in terms of how drivers and bicycle riders should interact can be ambiguous,” says George Hess, natural resources professor and co-author of the study in PLOS ONE. Some bicyclists complain that motorists consider them to be in the way, while some motorists accuse bicyclists of hogging the road.

Misunderstandings on the road can be deadly. “Personal safety probably ranks as the most important factor deterring people from commuting by bicycle, so anything we can do to improve safety, and perceptions of safety, is incredibly important,” says co-author Nils Peterson, also a natural resources faculty member.


Over the past several months, an undercover investigation with the Macon County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) revealed that at least nine businesses in Macon County were illegally operating sweepstakes gaming machines.

"Today was only the execution of multiple search warrants," Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland said on Monday. "Nine businesses total since Saturday night were investigated. This follows an undercover investigation that has gone on for several months. Every business paid out cash during this investigation."


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