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Opinion Editorial

As California descends further into its worst drought in recorded history, Golden Staters are looking for someone to blame. Many city-dwellers have pointed fingers at the State's farmers and ranchers.

But they're blaming the victims. As Governor Jerry Brown put it, "[a]gricultural water users… have borne much of the brunt of the drought to date… with significantly reduced water allocations and thousands of farmworkers laid off."

This misconception is only the latest in a long history of myths about American agriculture. It's time to plow under these myths and plant some seeds of truth about our nation's farmers.


Elections, especially presidential elections are entertaining, but do they really change anything? I feel like the fan who has realized that pro wrestling is fake. You still watch it, but it's only entertainment.

For voters who have traveled through numerous election cycles, certain themes and patterns take form. One may not be ready to call the whole thing bogus, but for many, there is a general disillusionment with the election process. We've seen and heard it all before. It's always “this time” that things will be different and that our candidate “really” means what they say.

This time around there might be a presidential contender who has more candor than political savvy. Republican Donald Trump's uniquely coiffed hair and abrasive non-politically correct verbiage places him well outside of the traditional political pecking order.

Trump is an incarnation of the businessman turned politician, portraying himself as untainted by the political process with the ability to “get things done.”


Tinky Winky and the TeleTubbies demonstrate what goes around, comes around. For those of you lucky enough to have forgotten the controversy from 1999, Tinky Winky, is a children's animated TV character who was alleged by evangelist Jerry Falwell, to be symbol of homosexuality. Based on rock solid evidence such as the character wearing a purple jump suit and sporting a triangleshaped antenna on his head, the claim of being a gay recruitment officer garnered a fair amount of press and paranoia. Fast forward 16 years and some of the same people who recognized the absurdity of symbolic threats have turned around and set their sights on the Confederate flag.

Warner Bros. announced that it is ending the production of toys and other replicas of The General Lee, the car from the TV show, “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The iconic orange 1969 Dodge Charger is a symbol of the popular 1980's program, but because of the Confederate flag image on its roof, it is considered by some, to be a symbol of racial intolerance. The provocative Daisy Duke action figure is still available with no current outcry of it being a symbol of male chauvinism and there is no word yet of plans to pixelate The General Lee's flag in video episodes of the show, but we do have the technology to protect sensitive eyes.


As a pop-culture-challenged individual, my interest is activated when I recognize a name in the entertainment news. The current paparazzi pole position is owned by 1976 Olympic gold-medalist, Bruce Jenner, or for those under 40, the reality TV-star and Vanity Fair cover girl, Caitlyn Jenner. The Jenner story is something that probably should be ignored but it's like walking past someone's laptop - you just can't help but look to see what's on the screen.

The 1976 Olympics in Montreal was a great show. It was a time when it seemed everyone was watching and talking about the competition. 1976 was in the thick of the first Cold War. Olympic Games, and not war games, were the preferred method of projecting strength for the super powers. Questions concerning gender involved the musclebound Bulgarian or the East German women's track and field teams. In Montreal, 26-year-old American Bruce Jenner, earned the title of “World's Greatest Athlete” winning the decathlon. I identified with him. It wasn't because I could run very fast or far or throw a javelin, but we both had the same haircut, which I still have.


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