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Opinion Letters Definitions of political phraseology a bit fuzzy

Who decided the current definitions applied to the political "Left" or Liberal, and "Right" or Conservative?

It's difficult to accept the currently espoused, oft-hypocritical, definition of supposed right, or "Right" Conservatism.

We hear glib mouthings that our country should return to what some claimant insists is "right", basing that claim on whatever is their supposition of our nation's founders intent.


I ask, what is right (good, proper, just, correct, appropriate, suitable, desirable, fair) about wrongs currently being advocated by the political Right?

Thinking people, Right, Left and Moderate, care equally about the economic costs of running our country and desire solutions to our problems, so I advance some questions.

What could possibly be "right" about destroying jobs and cutting programs needed by all (except the extraordinarily wealthy), particularly for those whose jobs went overseas?

What's "good" about slashing $1.3 billion by cutting funds (job loss!) to community health centers or Planned Parenthood?

What's "proper" about taking away a billion dollars to providers (jobs!) of food and health care for poor women and children?

What's "just" about slashing support for Education, eliminating an anticipated 65,000 professional educators nationwide (jobs!), including potentially 20,000 teachers and support positions here in N.C. ?

What's conceivably "correct" about eliminating financial aid to 9.4 million middle to low income college students limiting their future employability (jobs)?

What's "appropriate" about cutting $1.6 billion from the National Institute for Health resulting in loss of funding (jobs!) for inconsequentials like Cancer Research?

What's "suitable" about eliminating $400 million for the U.S. Weather Service's Early Warning Systems for tsunamis, hurricanes and TORNADOS (Jobs - warning of impending disaster!)?

What's "desirable" about a 50% slash in veterans housing vouchers thus increasing homelessness in this sad population by 10,000, a loss of place and means for supporting their return to society, self-identity, self-worth? and JOBS? (and, what's next, vets?)

What's sane about cutting Medicare in favor of vouchers, Social Security privatization, giving monopolistic entrepeneurs freedom to make more mega-millions on our public schools, prisons, and even a proposal to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act in favor of additional "privatization"?

What's sensible about disregarding our mouldering infrastructure and denying the potential benefits of promoting energy efficiency and resultant jobs creation?

What's reasonable about blocking reinstatment of regulations protecting us from unmitigated greed practiced these past several years by multiple financial industries, and returning a fair and equitable tax rate that served us well in the past?

What's moral in awarding tax breaks to the mega-wealthy, and funding the ongoing war machine, yet burdening those, who like yourselves, are middle to low income?

What's "fair" about putting the major economic burden on the poor, ill, young, old, the fortunate with jobs, the unfortunate without jobs who may have lost homes after having been reamed by the unscrupulous, those people who've gone from self sufficient to unwillingly needy?

The induced "Birther" trance, "10th-er" ether, or "Constitutional" comas, are created diversions from real economic progress. Those misguided paths condemn us to irresponsible, life-long debt which will not only "kill Grandma" but will be the REAL unaffordable burden to your children, grandchildren, and we mere commoners, Left and Right and Moderate.

What's right about this so called Conservative "Right"? What is and Who exactly are being "conserved"?

Shirley Ches — Franklin, N.C.


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