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Opinion Letters Conservatives must be from another planet

Please tell me where you’re from? Surely you Conservative-line advocates aren’t from from this planet, but are from some parallel universe. You look like us, but your “neural receptors” (aka: “brains”) have been damaged in transit from your planet.

What DO you see, hear or comprehend? We seem to speak the same language. Are your powers of observation that damaged?

Are you getting messages from another world? Why else oppose all Earthly reason by advocating actions that irreparably damage our United States, and will create global consequences?

How can you claim that tax breaks and loop-holes for mega-corporations (allowing many to ship jobs overseas and make record profits) will create jobs or help our economy? Numerous non-partisan economic studies dispute your several flawed theories. Is that long disproven “trickle down” theory an economically astute practice where you’re from? It has never worked here.

How does cutting government and government jobs protect or grow our economy? Cutting jobs on our planet means they’re gone. People are out of work. The unemployed have no spending power to help GROW the economy. I’m interested in hearing how that works in your alternate universe.

You wave our flag and pass yourselves off as Patriots, some even clothing your alien selves in 1700s type garb. Dressing the part, mouthing our Pledge or singing our National Anthem, while blocking, damaging or eliminating our enviable systems doesn’t seem to signify true patriotism. Does this work on your planet?

Displays of religious zeal, while hypocritically denying care to the ill, elderly, children, jobless, homeless, destitute and even Veterans, displays no forethought or future planning. Fervent lip service doesn’t replace the ultimate economy of safety nets for our people or valid esteem we Earth people show our Veterans. Oft-uttered denials of help and condemnations function as “death-panels in disguise” for the unfortunate. Sincere religious or altruistic beliefs in social programs, as practiced here in our Earthly country, offer genuine benefits and create real monetary savings.

Your espoused concerns about health care, education, protective services, environment, and infrastructure costs also appears skewed. Advocating that such things should be cared for by private “For Profit” ventures begs the question of ultimate cost. We United States Earthlings proved this provides an open wallet to those whose motivations are suspect, serving only them and the few who can afford to pay for their product!

Why advocate cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that are to your benefit too? You tout plans to diminish their purpose, aiming to remove them entirely, and expect us to believe benefits will be secure for those who are presently over 55? Really? What about your children and mine? You’ve caused huge job losses. Most remaining employment has low wages. How will future generations earn or save funds for retirement? Perhaps your progeny can return to that alternate universe you came from. Mine can't.

Finally, why try to re-interpret our founding fathers’ 200+ year old intentions? Were you there? We Earthlings were not, but we’re reasonably certain our forefathers weren’t omniscient. Our nation grew, needs and abilities changed, reasoned amendments are provided for.

Let’s not regress to the 1700s. Perhaps regression works on your planet, but it’s not a wise course for we USA, Earthlings.

Shirley Ches — Franklin, N.C.


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