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Opinion Letters Plight likely to worsen before it improves

I’ve pored over hundreds of story pieces detailing the national financial dilemma but no one has explained it more succinctly than the two doctors (Fred Berger and Ed Morris) did in The Macon County News, Aug. 4.

I wouldn't pretend to add to what the good doctors so obviously have well researched and accurately reported. I most certainly agree with their diagnosis and recent developments indicate our plight is likely to worsen before it improves.

Wealthy donors are already spending millions of dollars on 2012 (mostly to Republicans of course), the wealthy know full well which Party is certain to protect their interests.

With the Supreme Court on their side, the financing of the wealthy by the wealthy and for the wealthy is going to be hard to stop.

It's a law that Presidential candidates cannot collect more than $2,500 from an individual per election, yet allies of Republican Mitt Romney collected four checks of $1 million each this year for “Restore Our Future,” a super PAC created solely to help Romney win the presidency.

Has it ever occurred to anyone else that in a country of over 300 million people we should be able to find, and elect, 535 men and women who didn’t take Ethics 101 from Bernie Madoff?

It’s claimed that the Tea Party was the clear winner in the recent debt ceiling debate. That may be, it certainly was not the working class. In my own case, I allowed myself to be edged out of my career field (education) years before I’d anticipated by a system that clearly disfavors men, but that’s my failure alone.

The fact remains, the U.S. has been living far beyond its means for decades (less a few years during the Clinton era). As the doctors eluded, and as every economist in the western world substantiates, the only way we’ll ever see the light of day financially is a balanced approach of reducing expenditures and increasing revenues.

Now you can subscribe to the truth that Doctors Berger and Morris articulated or to the pie-in-the-sky gobbledygook spewing from the Tea Party folks. I’ve learned from sad experience, one is never too old to learn something stupid.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.


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