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Opinion Letters Where is the common sense in Washington?

Where is the common sense in Washington?

We spend $350 billion a year on people that are not citizens of the U.S., that are basically criminals, yet we have millions of taxpayers that have lost their jobs and homes and are living on the streets, their cars, in tents, and with family if they are lucky.

Instead of sending troops to our borders, why don’t we just cut the money off? If you are not a legal citizen when you have a child in this country, then the child should not be legal. If you come into this country legally, you should be able to support yourself without any government handouts. You should pay taxes in this country for at least five years before you can get any type of government aid.

 If a company hires an illegal, there should be a large fine. If you rent to an illegal, there should be a large fine. The second time the company should lose their license and the individual or company should lose their right to rent.

This great country of ours can no longer be a welfare state. If we help anyone, let’s help those people who have worked and paid their taxes.

Illegal people will go back home if there is no free money and no jobs and housing. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

God expects us to use a little common sense.

If you agree with this, pass this along and call your congressman and senators.

Larry Turlington — Franklin, N.C.


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