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Opinion Letters Comfort food comes in many flavors

Fully 30 percent of Americans are obese, while in Japan that figure rests at three percent. This obesity epidemic validates a dedication to food as a primary source of comfort. On average we eat 156 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of meat, and 85 pounds of fat each year. That’s a lot of comfort, and Mickey D’s is not the only place getting the message.

Most media outlets, ministers, and politicians are following the same marketing scheme - giving us what we want and pretending to serve our best interests.

Socialism, feel good religions, and “masked” media all exist per our dedication to feeling good above all other motivations. That formula doesn’t fit everyone all the time, but it fits most of us most of the time. So while it is obvious that the pursuit of comfort is making our fannies fatter, the same process is working on our head, heart, and spirit. Comfort food comes in many flavors - all of which provide a temporary fix - none of which are consumed without consequence.

Dr. Carl Mumpower — The Candid Conservative


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