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Opinion Letters ‘Conflict of interest’ is personal

To those confused with the extreme conflict of interest.

I am Ronnie Smith, Founder of D.B.O.W.N.C. (Dedicated Bikers of Western North Carolina) and creator of the Ruby Bash Rally. This was the third annual and no problems! I feel it was a great success. Never could have done it without Karen Flowers and all the help we received. I say thank you!

Now the confusion created by Ronnie Havens big 2012 rally has caused me lots of grief. I was concerned about next year, but it came this year.

My date tried to be taken by Ronnie Haven, TDA, Town Management and Sylvia Cochran at US Rider News. I saved my date, but now they have set it for the weekend before mine.

I still say “find another part of the year” Conflict of interest!!

It seems this has become personal. They are trying to destroy me and my rally, and the pressure was felt by me.

I was lied to, I was misled and they are trygoverning to steal from me. The proof is there, I am disappointed in them.

As far as US Rider News, I used to be a representative for Sylvia; I have advertised with her magazine for 3 years and posters in Ronnie Havens Hotel for three years now.

Go figure?

I plan on exposing the dishonesty going on in this town among some of the people we are supposed to trust. Shame on them!

Now it’s my time to speak and I have a lot to say.

Ronnie Smith
Founder of Dedicated Bikers of WNC


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