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Opinion Letters A failure of leadership

Watching the GOP debates and the candidates reminds me of how bad this country has fallen in its leadership skills.

We are seeing ideology and hypocrisy when we desperately need competency and democracy.

Bush and the GOP gave us two unfunded wars that have cost us over $1.5 trillion. The wars make money for the rich and made graves and hardships for our military families.

The GOP’s leadership ideology gave us a false construction economy built on Wall Street greed that collapsed in the seventh year of the Bush/Cheney presidency. The depth and speed of the financial tsunami consumed Obama as it would have consumed McCain. It would not have mattered who was president. In addition, the Federal Reserve which runs independently of the federal government took it upon themselves to give out $16 trillion to Wall Street’s too big to fail companies. The $16 trillion was created out of thin air by strokes on a computer keyboard. The long term result will be major inflation and excess debt for the American people.

The GOP leadership gave out huge tax breaks to the super rich and the corporations but the corporations did not create many jobs with it and the super rich only got richer while the middle class and poor suffered even more.

Now we hear the same tired rhetoric from the GOP leadership who want more tax cuts and fewer regulations for corporations and Wall Street which follows the same agenda that created the carnage in the first place. Wall Street does not run our Democracy, the people do, and we must take it back before we all crash. Congress has a 9 percent approval rating. That means they no longer represent 91 percent of the American people. It is time to restore Democracy.

The top 1 percent are getting richer while the bottom 99 percent have become economic slaves in varying degrees. Many of our citizens who vote Republican have been misled by the top 1 percent for decades who used slick advertising based on psychological warfare relating to fears about abortion, guns, religion, gays and patriotic messages to try and get a plurality of the vote for their agenda. If you can’t see that, then you are submerged to deeply in your ideology. We must move toward the center and support our middle class and small businesses which also help the poor. The rich need to understand they cannot buy our government.

The central anchors of our democratic society are based on family values, compassion, hard work, responsibility for one’s own decisions and a belief in a Democratic God. Greed is not a value of worship because it is not sustainable, nor is the current GOP leadership rhetoric.

Your coming vote decides if competency and democracy wins instead of hypocrisy and greed.

Larry Stenger — Franklin, N.C.


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