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Opinion Letters Money in the Davis Campaign

There has recently been some misinformation about where our current Senator Jim Davis campaign money came from. To set the record straight, only 6 percent, $25,380, of it came from people in his district. And much of that came from a few maxed-out donors and their families, people who could afford the $4,000 maximum per-person contribution. The figures are recorded in the N.C. Board of Elections web site.

According to that database, Davis raised a total of $500,337, not counting loans to his campaign. Davis was the beneficiary of over $265,000 in Super Pac money, which was traced back to Art Pope and his various front groups.

We people in the district contributed what we could afford to John Snow, who had been our Senator and had served us well, but our money was no match for the funds pouring into the Davis campaign, which paid for a major smear campaign against Snow. The attack ads in the smear campaign have since been shown to be full of lies, but too late to help Snow, who was defeated by fewer than 200 votes. Still, that's pretty good, considering the amount of money raised against him.

John Snow will be running again to retake his seat. It is to be hoped that this time the voters will be too smart to be conned again by the money-backed attack ads that are sure to appear against him.

Sandra A. Lovegrove — Franklin, NC


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