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Opinion Letters Mr. Talley’s neighbor not happy with choices

I am responding to the Jan. 13 article in the Macon News regarding the Motocross Track. I would like to make a correction. The Nov. 23 meeting was cancelled since there were not enough board members to vote on the variance. The meeting being referred to in that article was held on Dec. 21.

At that December meeting, prior to his dropping his request for the variance, Mr. Talley’s testimony, as stated in the Franklin Press, included this quote: “He would be happy to post his motocross events in local media to alert his neighbors of the dates and times if they wanted to plan to leave town those weekends.”

Well, now isn’t he considerate. To even say something like that is outrageous, he obviously knows what a disturbance this would cause and doesn’t care. Oh, by the way, was he going to pay for all of us to leave our homes and get motel rooms? Was he planning to pay for our gas and three meals a day while we are away? And, now, we must wait in fear that he will build a practice facility or wait and reapply for the variance. Boy, don’t his neighbors have two great choices, full fledged facility in which we can leave our homes for perhaps 16 days a year or a practice track that can be used 365 days a year.

Mr. Talley states that he sent out letters to his neighbors and no one responded. This is totally incorrect. My front door is 165’ from his property line and I didn’t get a letter. I was given a copy of his Oct. 11 letter by a neighbor in early November. I also know of people that called Mr. Talley personally when they finally did see a copy of the letter. There is absolutely nothing Mr. Talley could say to ease the minds of his neighbors which was shown with the crowd of Clarks Chapel residents that showed up at that meeting in protest.

Mr. Talley states that there would be economic benefits! Really, like what? What about the loss in property values which would also decrease tax revenue? What kind of economic benefit would that be? I am sure that anyone that a facility or practice track would attract would not be interested in buying a home anywhere in the vicinity of it. I think Mr. Talley should use a little common sense and realize this is not the place for this type of activity. This, also, doesn’t take a college education.

Lynn Olson — Franklin, N.C.


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