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Opinion Letters The ‘taking in’ of the moment

We've all sensed how we can be taken in awe of something spectacular. Even within a crowd there can be complete silence at a magnificent panoramic view of great vistas, or a secluded mountain meadow exploding in color of wildflowers, or even a beautiful piece of music that stirs the depths within us. We all have had moments in which there are not words to describe what we are experiencing at the moment. We capture some of this with taking pictures or purchasing recordings to make the memories of the moment last. But there's somewhat of a loss in the recording of a memory in that we want to capture the moment — but it's not the moment. We sense there's more, as though someone is speaking but the voice is not heard internally or externally but the soul hears clearly the call and the seeking of more. This experience can be just as real in other areas as well, as in love, justice, peace, and relationships.

We, as humans, desire to seek these things out as best we can. Many have had a love relationship go bad, but even at this, it’s not long and we’re in search for another, hoping to satisfy the longing for that something within us that seems incomplete. And even in the heights of a good relationship, the highs cannot be sustained forever. It can be like gazing over the old photos, or recordings in hopes that someday you could revisit the real thing once again, and even if this were to be, it would last but a moment.

Justice and peace are experienced somewhat the same way. We all want things to be set right. We see the devastation of crimes set against people, and ourselves and even though there's satisfaction in seeing justice and peace restored, it's but a moment, but not a lasting moment. This seems strange does it, we are searching for lasting beauty, love, relationships, justice, and peace but we never seem to quite get there. We're looking for these things to be set right, not only for the troubled world, but also for the troubled lives we live.

This yearning for lasting relationships and the beauty within, love, justice and peace, can be found within the two most world-celebrated events, the birth-life, and death-resurrection of Christ, and this is just the beginning, for the story is not over yet. No other individual or worldview has given us or is displayed to us with such compassion, sacrifice and unselfish love of all that we desire. For someone or something other than a supreme God to create such events and have such detail as well as evidence is so impossible to believe, that it’s truly unbelievable. So much of love, peace, justice towards us can be found within our relationship with Christ. What we desire most, Christ gave and desires for us. Psalm 37:4-6 says He will give you the desires of your heart.

Merry “Christ-mas” and keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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