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Opinion Letters Animals well cared for at Animal Control

This letter is in reference to an article about helping Macon County Animal Control with finding homes for dogs and cats at the shelter. This article appeared in the Nov. 29 issue of The Macon County News. First I would like to say that any effort to help find homes for these animals is always welcome and greatly appreciated by everyone at the shelter.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of points in the article that I feel need to be corrected as they painted an inaccurate and somewhat dismal picture of Macon County Animal Control. There was a statement that “they (Animal Control) needed help badly” There are three officers, an office manager, someone who daily cleans the runs, cat cages, and adjoining areas and numerous volunteers who come at different times during the day. A higher ratio of human to animal than a lot of larger shelters.

Another correction is there is no reason for any member of the public to help clean the runs unless they want to. There is someone who comes every day, and is usually there all afternoon. As the animals are fed in the morning, most of the mess is made during the night and early morning so this time of day is when it is not as clean as others. Each dog has an off-ground bed and is not in contact with the floor unless they want to be.

Many great suggestions were made in the article and I don’t feel that the inaccuracy was intentional but made due to the fact that it takes quite a few visits during all times of the day to get the whole picture and this was not the case.

I have visited both privately funded non-kill shelters and government funded kill shelters over the years. Macon County Animal Control is the cleanest kill shelter I have seen and cleaner than a lot of private non-kill shelters. The animals are well cared for by dedicated employees and volunteers. Although a kill shelter, there hasn’t been an animal euthanized for crowded conditions in over a year. This has been possible for the most part by the hard work of Sasha Angel who spends all her spare time arranging transports to the northeast where there is a shortage of adoptable animals and coordinating foster homes to give temporary homes to those waiting for adoption.

For a government funded kill shelter, I feel that Macon County Animal Control does a stellar job of taking care of the animals and finding them homes. I suggest taking a trip to the shelter and seeing what a great job everyone is doing. I promise you will have a very pleasant experience.

Dyanne Siktar — Franklin, N.C.


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