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A month or so ago, I saw a interview of a young man that was going to sell or put up for bid the rights of his last name. I didn't catch all of his reasoning for all of this, but he did state that he came from a dissolved family of a dad and several step-dads and as far as he could see, his family name had no value or purpose for him. Although this seems strange, I believe this is the sentiment of many in today's modern society, especially our younger generation. They may see value in life because their age group is the largest growing age group against abortion, largely due to science showing it’s not a glob of tissue but an actual form of a human being within weeks after conception. But the finding of their own value and purpose in life seems far reaching and difficult.

Society is plagued with finding purpose and meaning. We try a new this, or more of that, and this is not only with the material things in life but also with relationships as well. Once the novelty wears off we're in search once again, hoping to find the one and final thing that cures this unending search for a purpose and sense for living. Even governments and world leaders are searching for ways to satisfy their people as well as themselves with a new direction, new thinking, new ideals, which in many cases are selfserving for themselves, and is most evident with the corruption we hear of on a daily basis. But yet our society is no better than the leaders we choose to govern over us. And as in a very prominent book, the writer Solomon stated, “There's nothing new under the sun,” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Solomon was also in search of meaning and purpose in life and a reason to live, and he tried it all, just like you and I try everything we think will bring us final peace and satisfaction that will carry us through this life, and as he found, and many of us find as well, it's “Meaningless! Everything is meaningless,” (1:2) — until we seek God.

Even the renowned atheist Bertrand Russell recognized the value in giving credit and knowing God, as he stated, “I admit that the love of God, if there were a God, would make it possible for human beings to be better than is possible in a Godless world. But I think the ethical faith which is warranted yields most of what is necessary to the highest life conceivable, and all that is necessary to the highest life possible.” It's truly amazing that Russell saw value and meaning in knowing God, but yet he was so far from it, as did Solomon, but unlike Solomon's search finding life “meaninglessness,” found the highest life possible and that's personally finding and knowing God, which gives meaning and a purpose for living.

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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