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Opinion Letters Where do we find what is ‘good or just?’

There are three primary ways most of us view God/god, or set our thinking or worldview upon. The first view would be (Theism) which is, a belief in a God or supreme being that made all that there is and is all present. This would be for the most part Christianity and Judaism. The second would be (Agnosticism) which is viewed as, maybe God/god does or does not exist, and if he does he's distantly involved in our human lives. This can at best be a lukewarm approach not knowing what or who to believe. The third is Atheism, this is viewed as there is no God or any supreme being, all that there is “just came to being with no cause.”

I believe most of us have come from the view point of being agnostic, in that most seem to sense there is something beyond us, more powerful, something that caused all that we see and are, something with reason and purpose. Like a puzzle with missing pieces, when putting it together we see somewhat of a picture but can not tell what the whole picture or story is about. So we sense there may be a supreme reason for everything, but become so involved with living we don't search out, or reason within ourselves the beginning, ending, or purpose of life, we are absorbed at everything in between, the here and now and all life has to offer. As a popular commercial states “get all the gusto you can,” for tomorrow we die (my addition).

If God is all good then we try to live a life which would most reflect this (theism), but if we do not agree with His standard of goodness then we try to diminish God's influence on us, so then we become the standard barrier of what is good and evil (agnostic/atheist).

If man’s desire is to seek out good and justice for all, where is the foundation or focal point for the beginning of all this, or is it like the atheist view; “it just is, with no cause?” When we as human beings replace the God-given foundation of these things we once held true then we've allowed ourselves to follow the alluring minds of men and the hold they put upon their followers.

The greatest book ever written tells much of these things and so much more with its drama of people’s lives, struggles, love, romance, and relationships and the unending thread that weaves us and everything together, - “God,” and how we relate to Him.

Several of these stories from Genesis to Revelation will be viewed on the History Channel “The Bible Series” starting March 3, and ending Easter, March 31. Mark Burnett which created “Survivor,” “The Voice” and “The Apprentice” along with Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) produced this series as well.

Whether you believe in God, question God, or don't believe in God, this maybe worth viewing and finding something “good and just.”

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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