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Opinion Letters Dealing with financial diversity not a bad thing

If what Mr. De Neef said in his letter of March 28th about the Macon County Board of Education's proposed budget is accurate, I, too, am appalled. Certainly we could expect the school leadership to have to tighten their belts too.

It does make one wonder what the board's priorities are when the band and athletics aren't having their budgets cut, too. Not to say that both activities aren't worthy of participation, but to my mind, academics in a school situation trump them in terms of importance.

Schools are for teaching children to think as well to learn information they will need to get on in life. Those students who would like to participate in non-academics could help overcome the budget cut in their activity by earning money. Car washes, bake sales, rummage sales, whatever it takes.

In my opinion, we as a community are not doing our children any favors by not letting them share the burden of the economic decline. During the Depression, my father and his five siblings did their part by selling used golf balls they fished out of the golf course pond, cleaned horse stables, sold newspapers and anything else they could to supplement the family income.

They came away with a good work ethic and an understanding of basic family economics (as well as an abiding dislike for oatmeal which they were served at least once a day). It is an adult's job to teach children how to survive in their culture. Learning about and dealing with some financial adversity personally is not necessarily a bad thing.

Mr. De Neef and I are both apparently still smarting from the politicians' blatant overruling of the voters regarding the building of new schools.

It would seem, we are also on the same page about the BOE and its proposed budget. Is it just us two?

Janet Hill — Franklin, N.C.


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