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Opinion Letters A world where truth cannot be found

For many of us we seem to be asking, where is truth? People have always been in search of this, whether in religion, self or political systems. Even Pilate was asking this of Christ when he asked, “What is truth?” and he never waited to receive the answer. (John 18:38) At the end of the day, everything we seek, search, and live for is to know truth. It’s instilled within all of us. Our justice, science and medical systems are founded and based upon getting to the truth of the matter or diagnosis. We ask this of relationships as well. We look for a trust and truthfulness in everything.

Christ was so bold in stating “I am the way and the truth.” (Jn. 14:6) And for this reason he came to testify of the truth. If we can possibly look at this with open eyes as we do with most questions we wrestle with and try to resolve, we just may find this to be a very reasonable process. Christ also asked of us to “ Come now, let us reason together,” (Isa.1:18) This is asking for a discussion and a search of what He's saying to be truthful. He's asking us to be true to ourselves and drop our inborn defenses against Him.

If we say there is no truth to be known, then we have no reason to speak out against all the injustice in our world. We want and demand our own truth as we define it. It is then we see how depraved humanity becomes when the essence of our own truth is without boundaries. Hitler comes to mind as the most depraved individual I have ever studied, yet there are those today who deny the Holocaust ever existed. Hitler's directive and thinking are posted at the death camps of Auswich, and it states, “I want to see a generation of young people devoid of a conscious, imperious, relentless and cruel.” This thinking and ideology is present today as in the two young terrorist in the Boston Marathon bombing. This drive for power and authority is not only within us, but this lust for power started at the early beginnings when the prince of darkness wanted to be equal with God, and he finds himself at complete odds with truth for he is the deceiver of truth. This distortion is present and undeniable each and every day.

There's so much parallel in what is happening in the world and what Christ has spoken of that this should be cause for deep reflection within our lives. But it is now popular to down Christ, and what He stands for, and even within universities where everything is to be neutral and open for discussion, Christianity is forbidden, which I myself have experienced. It is our responsibility to seek out truth as though we are seeking gold, but seeking truth becomes more valuable when it brings increasing richness to life.

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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