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Opinion Letters Respect a person’s freedom of choice

To all those who do not respect my freedom from religion I say this:

Now tell me, why are you insisting on this?

Why do I have to respect your freedom of religious choice while you cannot respect my freedom of choice; not believing in a God?

Why do you insist that your distribution of your religious views have to be protected under the First Amendment while you show a blatant disrespect for my first amendment rights, my right to say that I do not believe that any God exists?

Why is it that churches make millions, specially those mega churches in the U.S. and the Catholic Church all over the world while their flock is starving, living of welfare?

Why is it that faith is used as a means to destroy people who have no harm in mind, just wanting to be left alone and not to be subjected to religious rhetoric?

Why is it that political decisions are faith and religion based instead of common sense (especially here in the South)?

Why is it that newspapers publish church agendas and raves about God but censors those who do not believe?

Your God tells you that all humans have to be treated equally, yet you keep bugging me with your views. Prove to me, physical proof, that there is a God and I will be the first to acclaim that I was wrong. But you can not do that, and do not want to try to do that, because it would mean that you would have to acclaim that you are wrong when you cannot provide such proof.

I do believe, I believe that if I do not pay my loans they will take my car away, that if I do not pay my mortgage they will take my house away. That if I do not care for them, they will take my family away, THAT my friend, that is believing, real time believing, in concrete things.

I have no need for a divine entity, and I have no need for any propaganda about such fictive beings. So from now on, respect my rights and do not try to convince me otherwise.

Gino de Neef — Franklin, N.C.


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