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Opinion Letters No news in the ‘lame stream media’

Who does one speak to about our (lame) main stream media? You know, those folks known irreverently, but aptly, as “talking heads” who ostensibly impart the news!

If what is being poured into the airwaves for hours on end is “all the news,” you would think only those select items were the only things that had actually occurred. Each station attempts to out-do their competitors, yet drones the same things. It would appear they compare notes, select what will be broadcast, and then see which of them can say the same thing longer, louder, better, with more graphics, and/or additional guests to substantiate their message. Is it a contest? They start before dawn, give full throat at noon, and then belabor the repetitive messages for another hour and a half at supper, winding up the day with a shorter repeat at night.

And then there’s the 24-hour a day channels, each alternating with either a single “reporter” or with whole tables full of “reporters” who “contribute” to the selected stories by talking over one another in full-pant to make their take on the issue the one deemed as primary.

Now, they have their First Amendment rights to Free Speech – everybody seems to be very big into claiming “rights” these days – and they certainly use theirs. However, all this coverage has a glaring omission – where’s the news?

In their breathless inundation of words, they neglect the important things going on in the world and in our own country. Instead, our national reality-show mentality addiction gets its “fix” by fillers and distractions like endless trial coverage, in courtroom and out. One has to wonder if the manufactured over-kill is to cover up the omission of such little things like world affairs or broadcasting the entire speech at the UN by the brave young girl who only wanted to go to school.

Recently the most glaring omission was the president’s speech on climate change. Sloughed off with mere seconds of coverage on every major channel showed our president, and we citizens, their total disrespect.

Due to this disregard to our nation’s leader, and to the obvious needs of our country, Organizing for Action (OFA – a national non-profit, non-partisan group) is holding a “for your information” meeting regarding the climate change agenda. This will be at our Macon County Library, 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 23. We will cover the four primary goals in the complete understanding they will not effect an immediate magical cure, but we understand (as some do not) that we must make a start. To deny is easy, harder is taking the time to learn, and making the effort to do the work. We invite you to come be with us, and talk about it. It’s not a debate, it’s a forum – there is no admission, and no omission, but is the “news” you may have missed.

And, my original question, “Who does one speak to?” Answer: Each other.

Shirley Ches — Franklin, N.C.


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