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Opinion Letters Flat Earth Society alive and well in WNC

My neighbor Vic Drummond has earned the highly esteemed honor of being allowed to join in the ranks of the Flat Earth Society with his powerful remarks in a recent letter to the editor in The Franklin Press. He used the most effective communication method of our society which was first espoused by Joseph Goebbels: "If you tell a lie big enough and often enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually believe it."

Drummond forthrightly criticized Obama for trying to attack this "non-existent climate change crisis." He continued "why does he (Obama) think he can modify nature?" Drummond so wisely didn't even try to argue against the fact that 97 percent of climate scientists in published scientific articles between 1991 and 2011 agree that there is severe climate warming and that humans are causing it.

Even more wisely he didn't try to present any evidence that would contradict the findings of every single national or major scientific institution anywhere in the world. All (every one) agree that in fact there is severe climate change and it is caused by humans. Why let science or facts get in the way when we can just claim anything we want without discussing any factual information?

He also so cleverly claimed that the climate change meeting arranged by Shirl Chess "obviously wasn't a non-partisan" discussion of climate change. He could honestly claim that since he didn't even attend the meeting so he didn't have to worry about the fact that there were a large number of Independent voters who came to find out about this issue. Nor did he have to concern himself with information presented at the meeting from Republican Governor Mc- Crory. McCrory's Proclamation about solar energy showed how important solar energy is in reducing the effects of climate change and improving the economy of N.C. The Governor stated, "NC ranked 5th in the nation last year for installed solar energy projects, N.C. is home to one of fastest growing solar energy industries in the U.S., and that solar installations create jobs, increase local and state revenue and are environmentally sound."

Keep up the good work Vic: repeat the lies and ignore the facts and science. Your membership in the Flat Earth Society will be assured.

Ed Morris, MD, PhD — Franklin, N.C.


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