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Opinion Letters An open letter to State Sen. Jim Davis

I ask that you lead the way for the N.C. State Republican representatives and vote NO to the unneccessary imposition of a government issued Voter ID on North Carolinians. This will ultimately be an outrageous and uncalled for expense for our state budget as well as for those who can ill afford, but will be expected, to obtain these IDs.

I have supplied your office with just one of several available studies on the ultimate cost this will impose on all our taxpayers. Studies, readily available on the internet, conclude this is not a cost effective effort. Even studies that do not specifically state the ultimate expense of implementation, waffle on the actual benefit of such a bill.

In short, the proposed bill will not be a solution nor a deterant to what is a virtually non-existent problem, so why create a tax-payer expense?

Your email response was that our sources differ, however did not detail or provide a link to any source where you find proof other than non-specific references. This appears as a ploy to block the vote of a select segment of North Carolinians. This same ploy is now being foisted as a cost-cutting effort on the public in so many other states.

You further stated that we could therefore agree to disagree. That would be fine under other less important circumstances that would not negatively impact many of our citizens, or the state budget. Needed is a bonafide “do-good solution” for real and present problems! A solution that actually creates jobs, supports education, benefits our environment, and other truely pressing needs. This bill is a only a “feel-good solution” to a mythical problem of extensive voter fraud.

So no, we can’t simply agree to disagree - you have a vote, I do not. My option as a voter is to request that you utilize your vote to its highest and best purpose to benefit our state and our people.


Shirley Ches — Franklin, N.C.


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