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Opinion Letters Is there evidence to believe?

Is there evidence to believe?

There are some things that are difficult to believe, because they cannot be seen. Then there are some things even when seen are hard to believe. The belief of either the beginning of creations starting from nothing or from God can be hard to imagine. Then seeing a magician running a sword though a box and into a person seems so real, but should not be believed, even though it seems so real. Some say there is no God, no Christ – where's the evidence, I want to see to believe.

It’s amazing what we are drawn to believe and dis-believe. We have some with great intellect who seem to struggle with this, as with Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick, for the codiscovery of the molecular structure of DNA and the advancements he made in science as well as in medicine. He also stated on several occasions that he believed that we came into existence by a space capsule that spread spore organisms upon the earth which began life. The first seems so admirable, the second seems so un-real and un-plausible, but this is nothing different from past or present history. We can believe quite easily the things we can touch, feel, taste, but there's also a realness in the un-seen things as well.

Most believe unquestionably in the man, George Washington, we've study his life extensively, we've seen pictures, read his writings, he's even on our dollar bill, but yet I know of no one who ever personally knew him. As far as I know we might all have been duped into believing he ever existed. You can be reassured though, I believe he was as real as any of us. This does go to show that there are things not seen that are a reality of life and living. The depths for love and meaning we seek and desire of each other in a trusted relationship. We can't show what this looks like, but we feel this, we express this, but it seems that it can be elusive and always in search for more. We all want and seek out justice, but where is justice to be found? Many are in need of this but where do we direct them to find this? We all sense it’s there and need to set things right.

It’s a sure thing that life can be hard and sometimes quite cruel, the questions we ask and seek answers for are un-ending but for many, within all of this there's a sense of something or someone beyond us, something that brings the essence of love, justice and meaning, and brings all into focus. This something or someone that's not seen but is so evident, can be seen, if sincerely looked at,within creation, the expressions of love and relationships, the seeking out and the giving of justice, the search of what draws us, the voice within all of us, which for myself and many brings meaning, purpose, a destiny, a hope, a love, we all want this. Faith in Christ is the, “Evidence of things hoped for and things unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1).

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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