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Opinion Letters Don’t believe everything your get in an email

Editor’s note: A letter that appeared in last week’s issue listed certain line items in the Affordable Care Act. The line item criticisms began to be circulated around the internet in 2009 and refer to a version of the health care bill that was never passed by Congress. A few sites to visit: PolitiFact.com; Snopes.com or Factcheck.org or read through the bill yourself at www.gpo.gov.

I was a bit taken aback reading a letter to the editor from Marshall Miller regarding the Affordable Care Act. There were several outrageous parts of the bill that I couldn't believe were true. So, I went to the bill, readily available on the internet at www.gpo.gov. I found nothing resembling the comments made by page or line, or otherwise.

So, I googled Judge Kithil, the alleged originator of this information. Surprise, Surprise! I was led to www.snopes.com who confirmed that this “information” was nonsense and originated in an email that began circulating in 2009.

Please, Mr. Miller and everyone else, do a little research, don't believe everything you read, and if possible, do some critical thinking before you start spreading rubbish as truth.

Nancy Mackoviak — Franklin, N.C.


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