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Opinion Letters Global warming does add up

In response to Mr. Odom's observatons that global warming doesn't add up I will point out that the examples he used: 1. Currently colder in parts of the U.S, than the north pole. 2. It's colder in Winnipeg, Canada than it is on the surface of the Planet Mars. 3. A ship is stuck on Antarctica.

This is a direct result of global warming. The Polar Vortex that plunged our temps last week in Franklin was a direct result of open polar waters that were once ice-capped. Water warms in the sun and water evaporates. This evaporation was such as to disturb this vortex of 100+ mph winds that usually just swirl at the north pole. Once this vortex was weakend by the evaportation of ocean water it dispersed southward like a spinning top out of control. What caused the ice caps to melt? Global warming.

So even though we get colder winters we will eventually get colder summers too in the long run. But for now our summers are hotter as the waters that cool us are warming and eventually currents that flow from the equator northward with the Gulfstream will cease to flow and the Gulfstream is what gives the northern hemisphere spring and summer as far away as northern Europe. So when I hear people complaining that it is so cold that there cannot possibly be Global Warming I point out that that is exactly one of the byproducts, extreme cold. Another weather event you will notice more often are the strong hurricanes hitting the northeast more frequently as the Super Hurricane Sandy did. With the waters warming they are at a temp to sustain hurricanes that once broke up over cooler waters. Welcome to Al Gore's world folks!

Ken Bowden — Franklin, N.C.


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