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Opinion Letters Qualifications of DHHS secretary in question

Children in North Carolina are suffering because of the management of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Govenor Pat McCrory appointed Aldona Wos as the Secretary of this department. Her credentials were that she was a major fund raiser for the McCrory campaign for govenor. She immediately appointed two more from the fundraising staff to positions in the department with salaries above $80,000 dollars per year. Neither of them had the education nor experience to even apply for the jobs they got.

The latest foul-up occurred last week when the department mailed 48,752 Medicaid cards to the wrong people. These cards contained the childs name, Medicaid identification number, date of birth and the primary physician's name.

These cards were mailed last Monday and department spokesman said the department learned of it on Thursday. Strangely, county social services directors were warned about it earlier last week in a communication. The Agency notified the media of the problem at 5:21 p.m. Friday about 30 minutes after WSOC TV in Charlotte posted the story.

This is only one of the serious errors from this department. Children are not getting the services they need because the department has not paid the physician for the services, some lag as much as nine months behind. The doctors are refusing to see Medicaid patients because they cannot afford to continue without payment. Some of these children are here in Macon County.

A long delay in the processing and delivery of food stamps to deserving families earlier this year caused many of these to go hungry or without proper nutrition. This was caused by the same department.

Govenor McCrory says the department was in a shamble when his administration took over. The audit of the department was edited by Wos and staff, removing any references to the proper operation of the previous administration. No problems like these had ever occurred before the takeover by the McCrory administration. They have had a year and the problems seem to get worse.

Clayton Ramsey — Franklin, N.C.


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