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Opinion Letters Unemployment not keeping Social Security solvent

Are you concerned if you are in your 50s or late 40s that the Social Security fund could be running out of money a lot sooner than you think? In December, only 74,000 people found jobs and some of those may have been part time jobs.

The USA is going into the sixth year of high unemployment. Millions have left the work force which means they have not been putting money into the fund. Employers only pay into the fund when people are employed. Yet thousands of people could have been working building the Keystone Pipe Line and drilling for oil and natural gas.

We could have been well on our way to being energy self-sufficient. Instead of putting millions on welfare and food stamps we could have hired people to build roads and bridges.

We will never be able to recover all of the lost money that could have gone into the Social Security fund had we put people to work.

In November, let’s elect people who believe in putting people to work. Keeping Social Security solvent should be a high priority for all of us, especially if you are counting on it.

Jim Mueller — Glenville, N.C.

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