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Opinion Letters Seeking more of man or finding God in 2014?

The mid-18th century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” He looked at man’s problems as though they where caused from social institutions and its rules.

Then in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s thinking, that the “self” could find truth and goodness to make a society moral, he stated, “Everyone for himself; driven to find all his resources, hopes, rewards, society, and deity, within himself.”

The well known German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, which made popular the “God is dead” philosophy, which meant the death of morality so man could be free and nothing could be valued as good or evil, and he wanted a process to achieve a superior human race. This utopian view that the good of humanity came from within the natural man and not from any deity outside of man, was very much followed and studied by such totalitarians as Karl Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Moa. These regimes wanted a freedom and liberation from anything that reflected a deity structured in family, class, community, and church. Because any society that is structured in a supreme being, or God, has an obligation to question the state, or individual, when it steps out of its realm of governing, and forces its will on the people, because the question would imply a moral law, or a boundary each one has towards the rights and sacredness of human life and the individual. This was so much the case when Hitler came to power, the state was supreme, and he used race, education, even the church as a ploy to sway the masses. Even the intellectual and powerful followed his persuasion, and anyone who dared to question, was the enemy.

Most of this type of oppressive thinking died as the Berlin Wall came down and communism had finally breathed its last. But this worldview of the natural evolving man, being his own deity, is more with us and is ever growing. We think we can do ourselves better than the Marx, Lenin, and Hitlers of the past, because we are more modern and our thinking is clearer. But we’re following the same story line that all the others have followed and we do so blindly.

Power is most easily gotten when it pits itself against the traditions of the past, with a new era of progressive thinking, or beginning anew, but this enlightenment is only allowed if they, or the state they control moves this forward. And the questioner is silenced or belittled. This is why there are some who seek to rewrite our constitution because this is to be an empowerment of and by the people and not the state, and this empowerment is “endowed by our creator.” If you take God out of anything you then have a complete vacuum with no moral frame work, then the state replaces God and either coddles or forces their will upon all, then the questioner is silenced, and the state answers to no one. (2Pet. 2:1-3)

Except possibly the God and Deity he's trying to do away with?

Keep thinking, Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.

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