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Opinion Letters Can’t run a country with magical thinking

In recent years, being a businessman has become a dirty word and anyone who is especially successful in business is demonized. We saw that when Governor Romney was running for president and who was demonized for being successful.

Let’s see if I can break this down into its elements. Somehow, anyone who builds a business and hires people is getting rich off the backs of workers. Under this premise, one must assume that this newspaper has slaves working for it.

The alternative the Left gives us is to have everyone working for a central government where everyone does the bidding of a bureaucracy but I must remind you that the political class always get rich off the backs of the workers. The idea finally brought down communist Russia and while it still works in Cuba to some degree, control is only maintained through force and terror. Cubans are not a free people.

The Left demonized the Tea Party simply because they asked the government to run things in a businesslike manner and not spend more money than we have.

I hate to complain about our president but after five years it has become clear that his lack of business experience is at the root of our lack of economic growth in the U.S. I must admit that I was swayed by his charismatic speaking abilities, almost to the point of being hypnotic. Unfortunately, he was dealing in magical thinking and you don’t run a country with magical thinking, no matter how beautiful it may sound. Dreams are one thing and reality quite another.

Perhaps our inability to use critical thinking lies in our educational system where we don’t teach kids enough critical thinking. We can see the results around the country and we get a good insight into the problem when we see our young blindly following Hollywood type drama queens and who give no thought to reality.

Dreaming is all good and fine but it must be followed by practical common sense. We see the results of dreaming when you understand that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all started with a dream because their dreams lead to innovation and yes, they got rich. But, they were also clearly practical business people and built companies based on logic and reason. They knew no company or government can succeed through magical thinking.

Although a Libertarian myself, I see Republicans as more practical people who (hopefully) use logic in their management of our economy and don’t engage in wishful thinking. The Democrats, on the other hand, seem more inclined to deal in magical thinking and who seem to feel that the overwhelming debt of our country is of no consequence.

The question for American voters in the coming elections is whether we want to elect practical people or people who are inclined to dream? Preferably, elect people who have gotten some grease under their fingernails and who held real jobs.

In the meantime, question everything. Magic doesn’t work.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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