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Opinion Letters Man’s search for purpose never ending

Within our indifferent, self-absorbed, self-satisfying modern lives we find ourselves in, we feel we are our own entity. Man comes into this world with nothing but a naked selfishness and a “Me” mentality, then leaves this world behind many times the same way as he came, but perhaps even more so. As the saying goes, “ the one with the most toys wins,”.... but you can't take it with you when you go. So the self absorbence is like the dog chasing his tail, life becomes numb and questions its existence.

Man's search for purpose, meaning, and relationships seems never ending, and this search can leave a desperation from within that is hard to live with. Even the famous French painter, Paul Gauguin, selfishly left his family, to find freedom in the islands of Tahiti, and to escape the conformity of life that surrounded him. He was searching and thought he would find through basic living, a more reasonable and meaningful life. His great painting “Vision after the Sermon” that is displayed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, shows that man has no answers; he had written on this painting so no one would mistake its meaning, … “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Do We Go?” After this painting Gauguin tried to commit suicide but was not successful.

If only nature has made us and we follow nature’s laws, all sound good and well, but within nature and its draw of its magnificence, it also has a repulsion in its cruelty as well. Because within nature's law, it is always the survival of the fittest. If man is truly to live this out, then those who are more powerful should have dominance over others. Nature’s law rules out the weaker and less fortunate. There are all too many examples of this taking place, Stalin killed more than 15 million of his own people. Hitler’s extermination of the innocent seems repulsive, but these men as well as others followed this natural law where “Self” rules and there is no value to life.

Many in the past, even without giving a credit towards the Creator saw the dilemma in not allowing thought or a view of a Creator behind and within our lives, world and universe. Darwin had stated, “if given the natural assumption of the nature of man, there is no other outcome except unbridled violence.” Even Freidrich Nietzsche, that made popular the view of “God is Dead,” saw frustration in making sense of life and living, he searched for anything that would make sense or a reason for living that excluded God, but never found it and in his last years, died insane.

It is worth pondering and trying to work out in our lives and thinking why the world seems so much in turmoil or maybe even personally, why our lives seem so dissatisfied and running empty. Reasoning these things out are the steps towards finding Truth. Even God invites us to the reasoning of life,

(Isa. 1:18) “Come let us reason together.”

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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