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Opinion Letters America headed toward Socialism

That America is at a tipping point is quite obvious. The Leftists have taken over the Democratic Party to the point that it is almost unrecognizable. Anyone who believes that the president is doing something good for America is only kidding themselves because the intent has always been to convert America to a Socialists form of government. It has never been about democracy.

Using the trillions of debt we have built up to buy votes is, obviously, unsustainable and eventually, the few who aren’t on a government dole of some form or the other will have to pay the bill when it comes due. This will take the form of heavy taxation which will in turn kill industry and the working middle class while pushing us further into debt.

In the end, we end up with two separate classes of citizens. One being the rich political class who control everyone else and the other is the working class who are subject to the rule of the political class. History tells us that under Socialist rule, this process is inevitable as we see in most Socialists countries around the world.

In an effort to maintain control, Socialists pass more and more regulations and laws to keep the lid of things while at the same time offering more and more free things to satisfy restive citizens. This is the point when the Socialist rulers begin an all-out effort to disarm ordinary citizens who pose a threat to the rulers.

It is unfortunate that we have a portion of our citizens who are quite willing to be dependent on taxpayers to take care of them and the few who want to rise and start a business can go through the red tape needed to operate a business so entrepreneurs become few and far between.

When we lose our American spirit to be creative, we lose the very folks who we need the most.

As lawmakers attempt to pacify citizens, more freebies and regulations are added and the rule of law becomes a swamp no one is able to climb out of.

At that point, citizens are merely pawns for the ruling political class and while some pundits have predicted that it can easily end up in a civil war, it will most likely end up with a lot of civil unrest. Being disarmed, citizens will offer no threat to anyone.

We’ve seen the Tea Party, whose only crime is attempting to stop government from spending more money than we have, demonized by the Left and prevented from forming a strong front by IRS delays and investigations into what the government considers dangerous activities.

It is now dangerous to object to the course our nation is taking.

In the end, we end up with a repressive and regressive society unable to function except for the ruling rich political class who must restrict creativity to maintain control. Socialism just doesn’t work in a country of our size and people suffer.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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