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Opinion Letters This country needs some kind of control

In regards to Darlene Carver’s letter in the 5-22-14 Macon News. On health care. It sure is needed, we need some kind of control. Too many people that didn’t have insurance just because they didn’t want to pay it, as long as they can go to hospital emergency and get free care. The hospital has to make it up by charging more to people that do have insurance, they have to get their money from some where. Taxes: If the wealthy paid there taxes like they did before Pres. Bush cut taxes for the wealthy, there would be money to pay teachers, firemen and police, they wouldn’t be losing their jobs because of cut backs. When they lose jobs, that means no money floating around.


Gun Control: People just don’t seem to have moral sense or the ability to distinguish right from wrong, like selling guns to sick mentally ill people, just to get the money. Having a gun in the house for protection is one thing, but to have a big semi automatic a military weapon to see how many people they can kill. I am sure that our veterans didn’t fight for a country that allows innocent people to get killed going to school or a movie or just walking down the street.

Welfare: That little bit that people get may be keeping some people from eating out of other people’s garbage cans, which I have seen in country's that don’t have any government help. I’ve lived where they don’t have social security. All they have is there family if there lucky. We better hope they never take our social security away, like the republicans are talking about. A few good men can’t do anything when you have a republican congress that says no to everything a few good men want to do. That’s why we have a president, just like when you go to work, you have a boss telling you what you can or cannot do. Can you imagine what this country would be like with out some kind of control.

Kathy Whitley — Franklin, N.C.


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