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Opinion Letters The earth is flat

Everyone has his favorite conspiracy theory: Diana was murdered, the JFK assignation second gunman, 911, or that

Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor. There is a new conspiracy theory going around, namely that 97 percent of the world's climate scientists have conspired to created the hoax of man-made climate change. This theory holds that all these scientists are just creating phony science to protect their funding and do the bidding of the U.S. government and their universities. Let's ignore the actual climate data for the moment and that most denial scientists are funded by fossil fuel companies. Try to imagine that 9,136 climate scientists from all over the world agreeing to create phony peer reviewed climate data in service to the U.S. government. Keep in mind that the evidence for climate change due to human influence has been recognized by the national science academies of all the major industrialized countries. Why would scientist from Russia, China, Germany, France, Brazil, India and Japan together with thousands of scientists of every nationality, jeopardize their professional careers to do a favor for a government many of them despise?

It is thought by many conspiracy believers that most climate scientists would not dare go against the wishes of their governments or universities for fear of losing their grant money. But only a fraction of those scientists are Americans. For this to be true, universities and governments around the world must cooperate in punishing wayward scientists. How is that possible and why would they do that?

When pressed for proof of this world-wide conspiracy, many believers point to Internet web sites which quote great scientific minds and provide reams of data to prove global warming is a hoax. Well, I have a web site for you to check out; go to http://theflatearthsociety.org. It is a very sophisticated web site. It quotes many great scientific minds and has considerable data and experiments that you can use to prove that the earth is flat.

If you denied science because it conflicts with your political or economic views, you may end up living on a flat Earth.

Louis Vitale — Franklin, N.C.


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