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Opinion Letters Clean water or reckless drilling?

Let’s be crystal clear. Fracking – the extraction of natural gas and oil by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – which Senator Davis and Rep. West so swiftly helped authorize in North Carolina’s SB 786 last week, is not in the best interest of the citizens of North Carolina.

That act, which has now been signed into law by Gov. McCrory, is not about energy independence; why then would that same law empower a site study on North Carolina’s coast for a terminal to export that liquid natural gas? Nor is it about jobs; based on the experience of the 21 other states which allow fracking, work created by that industry would be relatively short term and low paying, the better jobs being brought in from the big oil and gas companies.

What then, is this law about? Money, of course. Not your money or my money, but the tremendous profits to be made by the fracking industry and those legislators to whom campaign contributions have been made, in order to open the doors to North Carolina with a minimum of regulation.

The law is also about stifling local objection to fracking anywhere in the State. It is about noise, pollution and destruction of the natural beauty which we hold so dear. It is about increased truck traffic that our country roads were not designed to bear. It is about a strain on our water resources of unbelievable magnitude. It is about pipelines. It is about holding pits for fracking wastewater, containing toxic chemicals. Why did Haliburton Corporation want N.C. to make it a crime to reveal fracking chemicals?

Talk to your commissioners. Talk to your town board. Tell them we don’t want our rural landscapes transformed into industrial zones. But most of all, tell your N.C. representatives that we don’t want fracking – period – and that we don’t appreciate being sold out for 30 pieces of silver.

Doug Woodward — Franklin, N.C.


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