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Opinion Letters Motocross a wonderful sport but a bad neighbor

I am replying to Mr. Hogsed’s opinion article about the benefits of the Talley motocross track. Yes, Mr. Hogsed you are exactly correct in saying children would have a place for these activities, and the track would bring around 300 participants on the weekends. What you fail to illuminate is that along with the 300 participants, there would be nonstop dozing of the track, motor homes, pit bikes, lights needed for the track, a loud speaker system, dust and constant noise traveling all over Clarks Chapel. As experienced motocrossers, “race days” are just a small part of the activity. The practice days for each of the age groups takes place days and nights throughout the entire week - from Monday to Sunday. And, as the planned motocross activity would take place from April - November, the most beautiful part of the year, property owners would no longer enjoy the peace and quiet and tranquility that Clarks Chapel is famous for. How would property values be affected?


For years we were involved with our son in motocross and loved every minute of the sport! We traveled all over Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee to events. It’s a wonderful sport, but motocross does not make a good neighbor. Most tracks were located in the boonies, typically in abandoned quarries ... not in a beautiful, sleepy valley with farms and many people living there enjoying peace and quiet. Any high impact venue like a motocross track needs to be located far away from any long standing community! People moved to Clarks Chapel for the enjoyment of their property, some enjoy summer homes with peace and quiet abounding. Do the needs of a community who want to preserve this peacefulness for their heirs not count? High impact ordinances are created to protect the many from intrusive activities such as what is planned at Mr. Talley’s farm. Does a commercial enterprise such as motocross, which is a high environmental impact to surrounding neighbors take precedent over the enjoyment of peace and quiet for all throughout the valley?

I suggest that the Commissioners search their motives, goals and obligation and seriously consider how 300 participants riding in many heats would impact ALL of Clarks Chapel, not to mention the surrounding neighbors who border Talley’s property. There is a horse farm located immediately next door who wants to begin a breeding program. With serious noise and all that motocross brings to an area, they will not be able to pursue their goals. This horse farm has been in Clarks Chapel for quite some time; do their needs count?

Currently Macon County has a high impact ordinance, and I suggest this should be the guideline for Mr. Talley and the surrounding neighbors to follow. This is readily available at the Courthouse, and I encourage all involved to investigate this ordinance. Commercial motocross is definitely NOT a good neighbor!

Scot and Sonja Thompson — Franklin, N.C.


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