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It was very sad to witness all the hateful rhetoric tossed around during elections this year.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a display of lies and distortions and we have sunken to a new depth of slime. The scary part is that we may never dig ourselves out. Will we ever be able to bring honesty and decency back to the political arena? I just don’t know and based on what I recently observed, we may not. Reason and logic have given way to hatred of any opposing ideas using any means to defeat an opponent.

People that I look to for leadership joined in and immersed themselves in the slime and were a great disappointment to me as human beings.

Politics should not resort to the fights that fans get into after a football or soccer game and should rise above all the fracas. But, sadly, it doesn’t.


This year the Marine Corps celebrates 239 years of existence. In those years, the Marines have acquitted themselves most admirably in battle against the nation’s foes. How has this sustained success been achieved?

It now starts with the recruiter who finds dedicated young people who volunteer and are able to withstand the rigors of recruit training. They are assigned to the “pool” of people who have enlisted and are awaiting the date they report to either of the two recruit depots. In the interim, they meet with the recruiter who exercises with them to increase their fitness.

The day comes and they enter a period of intensive training, physical exercise, learning the lore and traditions of the Corps, and strict discipline know as “Boot Camp.” One is never addressed as a Marine until they complete a grueling exercise known as the “Crucible.” The final inspection and Parade Day follows with family and friends attending.


In a letter to the editor, published on Oct. 16, Rachel Truesdell wrote that as Mayor, I “have a lot of explaining to do because most of the arguments in the media from the Town of Franklin are horribly invalid and definitely culturally insensitive.” She was speaking of the Nikwasi Mound.

I thank her for expressing her opinion, although it was quite critical of the Town of Franklin in this ongoing controversy over ownership of the Mound. Speaking only for myself, here is my personal response.

The Mound was saved by the Macon County Historical Society in 1946, when it was bought with contributions from school children, residents, and non-residents who were, “interested in the preservation of Nequassi (Nikwasi) Mound, (who) have purchased said property in order that the same may be preserved in its entirety.” The deed was conveyed to the Town of Franklin and registered at the Register of Deeds Office on Oct. 7, 1946. The Mound was bought for $1,500. That would be equivalent to $20,000 in today’s currency.


The progressive elites enabled by the media and higher education have been promoting the mantra of similarity between politicians for decades. This constant drumbeat has served the purpose of silencing dissent and discouraging voters from participating “since what difference does it make?” How pervasive this has become was illustrated during the recent state Senate debate. When Senator Davis made a point that has been verified by statistical evidence, some members of the audience were heard to “gasp” and became “uncomfortable.” Why? What makes the left start to hyperventilate and suffer a case of the vapors whenever anyone, particularly someone who represents us in government, is willing to speak the truth? Citizens are best represented by someone who is able and willing to look realistically at problems in order to offer and present solutions.


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