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Louis Vitale has finally gone over the top with the surreal allegation that the Republican Party is without Christian principles. His usual M.O. is to point out some problem in society, quote some remote facts, and then try to transfer blame to the Republican Party, or to Sen. Jim Davis. He, and Dr. Morris, and that woman, have been doing it for years.

Instead of paying for legitimate political ads, these Democrats flood the “Letters to the Editor” every week in an attempt to discredit. The usual ploy is to claim that the Republicans will take away your government benefits. Fortunately, most people understand the ploy, and they reelected Jim Davis, one of the finest men I have met in this area. This is the first time I have heard Vitale stoop to use religious principles against a political party. He is correct in his assumption that “Christians are enamored with the Republican Party” as most of us are unhappy with the on-the-job training in the presidency, poorly negotiated trade deals, and the dangerous treaty with Iran.


Sometimes your faith in God is better than in others.

To a certain woman who was healed of a plague, Jesus said, “Daugher, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.” St. Mark 5:34.

Most times, it is better to have your own auto to go about than to rely on others. Also, it is good if not better to be in your own place of worship, like long ago.


In his Oct. 8 letter to the editor, Franklin political activist Dan Kowal cautioned readers not to "buy the corporate charm offensive" coming out of WCU's Free Enterprise Speaker Series. As WCU's BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism, I oversee the Speaker Series and would like to correct the inaccuracies in Mr. Kowal's account.

First, Mr. Kowal would have readers believe that BB&T Bank is a corrupt behemoth that rigs the political process to take money and jobs from working families. His smoking gun is Wikipedia's statement that BB&T accepted $3.1 billion in TARP bailout money.

The truth is that the federal government forced that money on BB&T, as it did upon other healthy banks. The reason? Because the Fed and Treasury didn't want to stigmatize the insolvent banks who really did need the money. That's why BB&T's chairman, John Allison, wrote an open letter to Congress protesting all bank bailouts. And that's why Mr. Allison also blasted TARP as a "huge rip-off" when BB&T paid the money back in June 2009. It takes but a light scratch beneath the Wikipedia surface to confirm these facts.


Come on people wake up, for 14 years we have been at war. Yes, I was sad the hospital was bombed. People died, but for the officals of Doctors without Borders to accuse our servicemen of war crimes is ludicrous. As a American, I am offended. We’re there trying to save their country, and sadly, we Americans have paid our dues with the lives of our young men.

I spent time in Korea combat zones and it happens. Friendly fire causes problems but to accuse us of war crimes stinks.

Over the decades our country has bailed out these lazy [expletive] countries who fail to stand up for themselves. It’s time to say, no more! Let them sink or swim on their own. Bring our people home. Our young people are more important than the dollars we have spent for these countries.


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