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North Carolina is currently experiencing a constitutional crisis. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has stated that he will not defend our state's laws. This is a moral, ethical, and constitutional breach of the duties of his office.

The North Carolina AGs duties and responsibilities are dictated by the N.C. constitution and state statutes. Cooper does not get to pick which laws to uphold and which laws to not regardless of whether he personally supports or agrees with them or not. Within the borders of North Carolina, Cooper is obligated to defend/prosecute based upon the laws enacted by the General Assembly, constitutional amendments voted upon by the citizens of North Carolina, and the interpretations of those laws by North Carolina's courts.


Have you wondered why worldwide the leftists, environmentalists, and most media are waging a war against that new dirty word — fracking?

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with the hyperbole, misinformation, and propaganda these anti-frackers use to scare the public.

The first commercial-scale use of fracking is generally credited with starting in 1947. After 67 years, and the fracking of over one million oil and gas wells, anti-frackers abruptly started their war only 3-4 years ago. Why not 67 years ago if it is as devastating to the environment, health and safety as anti-frackers now claim? Why were some lukewarm fracking proponents prior to the war?


Bob Wilson's recent letter on the perils of over-population was a refreshing change from the usual squabbling over local, state, and national politics. For years, this issue has languished, and largely been shelved, at the expense of the earth's finite resources. Ignoring unchecked population growth appears to be another example of humanity's (including America's) ceaseless preoccupation for living in the now and reacting only when a crisis occurs.

However, Mr. Wilson's assertion that it's "not politically correct" to infer that over-population is the problem is misplaced. I assert that the opposite is true. With world population expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, political correctness in the face of this number needs to be shelved for political will.


On Jan. 9, 2008, our family began a life-changing journey with Ayusa International. We welcomed into our home a 15-year-old high school student, Sarah Engel from Erlangen, Germany. My family remembers the excitement we felt waiting for Sarah's arrival at the airport. My husband and I were so nervous becoming host parents to an exchange student. We had never done anything like this before. We wondered how we would adapt to a total stranger living in our home, especially someone from a different country and culture.

At first it was unusual, but as each day passed, my family grew to love Sarah and the end of her stay she was truly a member of our family. What an experience for all of us. Sarah was in our home for only five months. But the transformation we experienced with Sarah during such an impressionable time of her life was amazing. We watched her grow before our eyes, arriving as a nervous, bewildered, insecure girl, into a successful, confident, young woman when she boarded the plane to go back home.


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