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Franklin, North Carolina, is blossoming in spring! This morning on my way into the office, I was greeted by numerous wild animals, three squirrels, two deer, two large flocks of turkeys in their full strutting splendor, and a host of birds, all within three miles of my home. Where is anyone more profoundly at home with nature than in our little town? But on that same journey into town I also noticed the ugly reality that so many homes and property have real estate for sale signs marking the grim reality that there is another side to this small town, one of loss.

On any given day I see many u-haul trucks packing up a once prosperous happy family as they embark on finding jobs and hope away from this small town. The beauty is here, happiness is here. Home is here. But we must move because the question is, how can one make a living and raise a family here in the state of the economy?


Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #994, would like to express our appreciation to the Franklin community for their support and attendance at the Vietnam Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, March 28. We were pleased by the number of hardy souls that braved the could weather to honor us.

Our chapter was so very proud to have two former Vietnam P.O.W.’s speak at the ceremony. Thank you again, Nat Henry and Tom Pyle, for sharing your words with us.

We would also like to thank our local newspapers, The Franklin Press and Macon County News, for their support and coverage of the parade and ceremony. Thank you for your continued support of veterans and veterans issues in Macon County.


I read with great interest the article submitted by Bob Wilson on Feb. 26. I shudder to think that Hillary Clinton could be the next president. I believe it would be in the best interest of those who would support her, would take the time to read a book written by Barbara Olson titled “Hell to Pay.” This book gives insight as to what motivates Mrs. Clinton. There are many motivations. The primary motivation is her lust for power and the need for prestige. Hillary Clinton does not think of what she can do for our country, only what can our county do for her. She wants to be the first female president and has made remarks to that end.

The following is a quote from The Weekly Standard, “In ‘Hell to Pay,’ Olson gives us a Mrs. Clinton who is a monster of ego, a tough gutter fighter, a certified liar and a Marxist who wants to seize power to foist her theories on the world and the country.”


I have read with interest lately the rants and raves in The Franklin Press. Especially interesting, was the rant about someone else’s yard that the ranter says is filled with scrap and salvage recycling material. First, I wonder if the ranter has enough to do in their life because they seem to be spending energy focused on someone else’s domain. Second, I wonder if they consider themselves to be a Christian because the Bible says “don’t judge” and “take the log out of your own eye before you look at the speck in another person’s.” Third, I wonder if this person realized the service and betterment the salvager is providing for everyone.

Does the ranter realize how many tons of resources are involved in making new cars and car parts? Not to mention the human work factor. Recycling these materials keeps the costs down for everyone, including the ranter.


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