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“Tis a puzzlement!” How can any elected representative currently in office perpetually insist on being “proud” while consistently voting against the needs and wishes of the people represented? Who can be “proud” of a vote to contaminate the very ground, air and water that benefits all of our state?

At best these views display incompetence, or perhaps a desire to convey “willful misinformation.”


More and more people have concerns about fracking and want to learn more. “Triple Divide” does just that. Though controversial, people of all political parties are upset about the possible harm fracking could do here in North Carolina, especially regarding water contamination. This movie "is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking capable of speaking to all sides, with exclusive interviews from the industry, experts, and Americans suffering in the wake of shale gas development." (Triple Divide website)

"It's the best movie on fracking to date (using) facts, not fiction or spin," wrote Pennsylvania resident Robert Donnan." Mark Ruffalo, Academy nominated actor, co-narrates the film. He became involved in the project after seeing “Triple Divide” only several weeks before the final release.


Can a person be trusted who will not keep a sworn oath?

Before taking office, all elected members of the N.C. Legislature must take an oath to uphold the laws of our North Carolina Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution.

A majority of our N.C. Republican-led Legislature have broken their oaths. In their haste to try to destroy our public schools, they ignored Articles V and IX of our N.C. Constitution. They voted to give away millions of tax dollars from our public schools to private Muslim and Christian schools. Judge Hobgood ruled this unconstitutional as public money may only be used for public schools.


The Fracking Forum in Franklin and the Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) rules hearing in Cullowhee were both enlightening. Senator Davis arranged these sessions in response to resident concerns.

The MEC is charged with writing rules to regulate fracking in North Carolina. The MEC representatives stated that the draft rules are the best in the country and will fully protect the health and safety of the citizens and environment. If that were truly the case then it is surprising that all of the speakers in Cullowhee were opposed to fracking and critical of the rigor of the rules. The commenters included concerned citizens and landowners, as well as scientists and engineers.

Many of the comments at the rules hearing were specific to deficiencies in the rules. Many others wanted to ban fracking or, at least, to restore the moratorium. Even if they wanted to, the MEC has no authority to stop fracking. They could make the rules so restrictive that it would delay the industry. However, given the degree of misrepresentation and half-truths presented at the Franklin forum, the MEC is clearly committed to supporting fracking in North Carolina.


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