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I have not voted for Jim Davis previously, primarily because I didn't think he (or his party) was at all fair to John Snow. However, that was another election, this time I will vote for him.

During the debate with his opponent at WCU, Davis got himself in hot water with the less than friendly crowd by stating that "72 percent of all black children that are born in this country are born to an unwed mother."

That Democrats in the audience would take offense at that remark and call it "racism at its worst" is not only wrong but terribly disingenuous certainly. I will get to the why in a moment.


Overall quality of life in North Carolina has drastically deteriorated during the past four years due to Republican driven legislative policies.

Our public education system is struggling to meet the needs of our children in overcrowded classrooms, with too few and outdated textbooks. Our Republican governor and state legislature rejected Medicare denying coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians. Hospitals are strapped financially and burdened trying to care for uninsured sick people.

Our tax burden has shifted to average citizens. One example is the increased tax on admission to all forms of entertainment. The number of days allowed for early voting has been reduced. Other measures have been enacted restricting citizens' democratic voting rights. State and local government offices are operating with greatly reduced staffs. The Macon County staff issuing drivers licenses has dropped from five to two workers. All this is happening while the population of Macon County continues to grow.


The Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum would like to thank our community for their support in buying tickets and giving donations for the Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser at Fatz Restaurant on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Kudos to all the Friends members who sold tickets, made thistle flower centerpieces, and volunteered to work during the breakfast. Jim Akins received a check for $1,279 to benefit the Scottish Tartans Museum.

We all appreciate Chris Watts and Susan Sanders, great people who have made Fatz a real part of our community. Special thanks go to our teenage volunteers: Marisol Belman, Destiny Blanchard, James Candalino, and Lisa Walker.

We, the members of the Friends, are proud to work together to help the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to tartan wear. When our community works together, anything is possible.

Merrilee Bordeaux — Franklin, N.C.

In a past editorial it was stated that, if Christianity is to survive in this world, it must re-invent or evolve itself to be relevant. It must be logical and quit lying to it's members about such fairy tale’s as in Noah's Ark and Creation. A letter from Mr. Hill in the Oct. 2 issue of the Macon News, identified and gave credit towards evidence for both Noah and creation, which I totally am in agreement. Also if this story needs to be evolved, it is man that has to fulfill this evolving process, then we cannot trust a book that is in need of re-ajustment for the whims of man's thinking in reguards to God, creation and humanity within history, if so, then man becomes god.


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