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Like everyone else, I’m shocked to learn about the sale of fetus parts by Planned Parenthood and the idea of abortion has always been revolting to me.

But the idea of shutting down Planned Parenthood by defunding it over the issue of selling body parts is revolting as well and we seem to have reacted without much thought.

It would be very simple to pass a law making it a felony to sell body parts of an aborted fetus so logically you don’t need to shut down the entire program over one issue.


Many people here in Franklin were attracted by its beauty and the more quiet and tranquil way of life. But that precious quiet and peace can be shattered, at any time, by an inconsiderate neighbor who plays loud, raucous, heavy metal music at extremely high volume.

If the county saw the wisdom of adopting a noise ordinance, why can't those who live in town enjoy the same peace and quiet? We need to join the other more progressive towns and create a reasonable noise ordinance that would ensure a measure of tranquility resulting in less stress.

Suzanne Hotchkiss — Franklin, N.C.

My husband and I live in Parker Farm Estates, which is located across from the new park. The traffic and noise directly impacts the residents living here. I guess no one thought to measure the sound decibels in the planning stages of this very lovely park. At the opening event, the excellent band was so unbelievably loud, you could not hear your own voice. I welcome all those involved to come and sit on my porch on a Saturday or Sunday morning and try to have a normal conversation during game time.

It is impossible with the music of "We Will Rock You" and the inspirational theme from "Rocky" at full blast, horns blowing, cowbells ringing and the screaming enthusiasm of barking spectators, cheerleaders and players alike. Keep in mind this starts at 9 a.m., and continues throughout the day and night, until the field lights finally go off at 9 p.m. The noise level is deafening, an assault on the senses, not unlike the torture tactics of war....by the end of the day, I have repeated my name and social security number a thousand times.


If I could withdraw my tax dollars towards abortion and Planned Parenthood I would do so in a heart beat. While watching C-Span I became most nauseated at the discussion and the non-caring, unemotional attitude of the supporters of the abortion procedures and baby parts being sold for research. This letter would more than likely not be allowed to be printed if I wrote verbatim what exactly takes place within such a gruesome procedure that was described. Many feel we must obey the law and the rule of man (or judicial rule) and a society must comply with whatever is issued down from authority. I'm not sure where this attitude of rolling over just to get along comes from, but humanity must fight for higher ground than this. But my thinking is much like that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in that he believed there was a higher justice or calling than man’s justice, even though man’s justice can be tainted, God’s justice is superior, because life is sacred no matter of gender, color, race, under privileged, or wherever you’re at in the stage of life, at the very beginning or the very end. This needs to be flushed out for all to see, in a honest, direct, and exacting non-discreet manner.


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