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I’m sure a lot of you would join me in shouting hallelujah if just for a while we could turn on the television or pick up a national newspaper and not have politics thrown in our faces.

For once it would be great if we could just get news and not have all the politics shoved down our throats.

Politics has never been and never will offer a cure for anything and in fact politics probably causes more problems than anything else in our country. The root problem is that politics is all about power and control of others and not about helping people.

We have seen this in Chicago where black Americans find themselves in a plantation-style welfare situation with no way out. The Democrats have controlled Chicago politics for around 100 years and their way of controlling the black population is to keep them on welfare, believing that someone on welfare is going to continue to vote for them.


I'm angry. In fact, I'm more than angry, I'm incensed. One might even say, I'm "postal" livid.

I've been licensed to drive a motor vehicle one year shy of 60 years, my wife three years less than I. We have 25 years of school bus driving between us without an injury of an accident. I've driven a school bus in eight states and Canada. I haven't had a ticket in over 40 years, I've never had a DUI, lost my license, driven on a revoked license or without a license, registration or insurance (and that includes seven years in Great Britain and Germany. We haven't made a car insurance claim in decades and I want to know why the cost of our insurance policy goes up every time it's renewed?

We had coverage with one company for fours years (here in N.C.) and the cost went up every six months, even after the third year when we received a ten percent discount for driving three years accident free, it still cost more. After the fourth year we switched agents and carriers and this month (renewal time), sure enough, the cost increased about $50, and I think we deserve to know why.


You're 83 years old, on a fixed income of out of state retirement and Social Security, living in Franklin, N.C. Your 2013 North Carolina state tax was $37. You get your 2014 state tax done by AARP as usual, you are informed that you owe $227 N.C. State tax. Your income has not increased, you own no property, nothing has changed, just the tax laws.

“How is that possible?” you scream. You are retired in another state, under the new tax law passed by the legislators in their Raleigh power center, this leaves you deprived of the tax deduction you were always entitled to. That's the explanation given.


Do grocery stores discriminate? Why is that of the three of them in Franklin, none can carry Boar’s Head products or offer a deli and coffee shop? Stores of the same name in the area that I know of offer these services. Why not Franklin?

I am appalled at the amount of trash I see daily along our scenic highways and byways. Why are there so many folks willing to sully our otherwise beautuful mountain area, when we have abundant user-friendly recycling center available? Perhaps a spring cleanup campaign or a litter awareness program is in order. Let’s stop this travesty.

Francis Chicoine — Franklin, N.C.

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