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Criminologists George Kelling and James Wilson, produced a theory called “Broken Windows.” They stated after extended studies within neighborhoods, the simple yet factual result of windows that are broken and not repaired send a message that no one cares or no one is in charge of the home or neighborhood so crime is inevitable and becomes rampant.

People sleeping in doorways or hallways of apartment buildings, deviant human beings panhandling for whatever they can get, urinating in public, graffiti on walls of once respectable buildings. Entering the subway you're in an uncontrollable environment that seems to have little or no enforcement, and you're on your own until your back above ground and in the light of day.

This deterioration comes slowly with just the “broken window,” which gives the message no one cares or is in control, but soon becomes a complete breakdown of neighborhoods where many are trapped or enticed into. People complain but the system seems not to care.


Zonta International is pleased to announce the continuation of "Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women," an international campaign to raise awareness of and increase actions to end violence against women and girls around the world.

The campaign officially began with the launch of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence in November 2012.

Today the campaign continues to feature the actions of Zonta International's more than 1,200 clubs in 67 countries to prevent and end violence against women and girls in their local communities.


Regarding Bob Wilson’s latest letter on negative campaign rhetoric, Wilson exemplified the hate-filled distorted rhetoric that he criticizes.

First off, Wilson didn’t give a single example of the “lies” and “distortions” that he complains about. Instead he blames liberals for just about every ill of society.

For Wilson, liberals are clearly the problem and the enemy in this country. His thinking can lead to dangerous actions.

His characterization of liberals is grossly dishonest. It is apparent that Wilson is passing along the hatred and lies he consumes from the media he chooses.


We honored the veterans of all our wars on Nov. 11. Those of us who have served our country thank those who have supported us while we served.

If you haven’t been to our Veterans Memorial, next to the community building on the Georgia Road., do so and see what the citzens of this county have built to honor all veterans of all our wars. It is supported by those who continue to honor their friends and family who have served by purchasing Honor Bricks in their name. Visit it and see for yourself and pick up an envelope with forms to purchase a brick for your loved one.

Robert D. Litten — Franklin, N.C.

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