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Opinion Letters

Whether you realize it or not, it still needs to be said. You are valuable and needed. Every person has his/her active role to play in our community.

To use an analogy: Think of the Stars Wars theme music. Hum a little bit of the tune … Bah, Bah bah bah,, In a galaxy … far ... far… away. Now what if the trumpets were not there? Our community too, needs each of us to play our part. Each and every one of us is unique. Without your knowledge, your skills, and your abilities, the community of Macon County just does not “Hum” to its full potential.


Macon County Schools Clothing Closet would like to thank everyone for all the generous donations that we have received. Each and every article of clothing will be greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to Jeff Wong at Carolina Cleaners as well as Peebles of Franklin for their generous donations. Our hearts are full as we assist the children here in Macon County.

Annie Breedlove Wishon & Marci Holland

Obviously Pope Francis’ visit to America has made a definitive impression on lots of folks and even non-Catholics are enthralled with him. He has touched everyone’s heart and obviously, the Catholic Church is going through a revolution in thinking because of him.

I’m not Catholic, by the way.

But, I’m afraid that Pope Francis has a dim view of Capitalism because he comes from a part of South America where the very rich control the poor and keep them oppressed and where corruption is rampant in civil and private life.


A well written heartfelt letter last week about the new recreational park. While I can’t speak for all my neighbors in the three subdivisions that surround the complex, I also feel like collateral damage as well here in the Heritage Hills neighborhood situated next to Parker Meadows. Not only have we put up with construction noise, filthy roads (Maxwell Home Road), and endless burning smoke and fumes of the tree stumps and debris (with diesel fuel yet), we now have that same Maxwell Home Road left in a patched up shambles that barely qualifies as a road anymore.

Do the planners really think those heavily laden trucks and heavy equipment operators have no impact on our road? Where’s our new road? Patching the holes and shoulders with substandard materials that won’t last the winter is not the answer. Paving it after the fact would certainly be a nice gesture for the local citizens who have endured so much. Is that too much to ask? I’d sure like a response.

David London — Franklin, N.C.

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