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I recently had the privilege of speaking before the Macon County Board of Commissioners on the subject of hydraulic fracturing. To be clear, while I am opposed to the current legislation, I do believe that natural gas is a key transition fuel to a sustainable energy future. In this letter I want to address some of the issues and questions raised by the supporters of the current legislation.

One asked why we should be concerned when hundreds of wells have been fracked in Macon County over the years. While this is undoubtedly true, it is both misleading and irrelevant to the current discussion. These were drinking water wells with vertical bores and the materials used were not toxic. By contrast, compounds such as kerosene, 2- butoxyethanol or any of hundreds of other toxic chemicals are used for gas and oil well fracking.

Another speaker (and subsequent letter writer) asked why the opposition to fracking has only emerged in the last three to four years, while the practice of hydraulic fracturing has been around for over 60 years. This is an important and relevant question. A little research has provided the answer to that question.


My first thought after reading last week’s letter “Boomers begat ‘a legacy of protest’” was to think it was so off base it didn’t even deserve a rebuttal. However, the more I considered, the more compelled I became to point out the holes in the writer’s flawed logic.

The writer says that the baby boomers who protested in the 1960s were disrespecting, rejecting and protesting their parents’ “Greatest Generation.” On the contrary, the boomers’ beliefs were a continuation of the very same ideals their parents had fought for. It should never be forgotten that Americans who fought in World War II to eliminate the oppression of people in other countries did so from within our own segregated armed forces.

The writer compares baby boomer protesters to spoiled children throwing temper tantrums. I hardly think that putting their lives at risk would qualify as such. Indeed, just like their parents' generation, some even made the ultimate sacrifice for what they believed in.


I first wanted to write each and everyone of you an individual letter, but time wouldn't allow that so I decided to use the newspaper.

On June 10 of this year I was involved in a three-car accident on 441. I spent one week in ICU and three more weeks in Mission Hospital followed by 20 more days in Care Partners Rehab Center. I was diagnosed with bilateral subdural hematoma/subarchroio hemorrhage/diffuse axonal with right temporaparietal skull fracture and given a 10 percent survival rate. My future didn’t look so bright.


The Franklin Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all those involved in this year’s Mountain High BBQ Festival.

We thank our sponsors for their continued support, our volunteers for their tireless service, those who brought their cars to display and everyone who attended.

It is our privilege to provide a quality, fun, family-friendly festival that will bring tourism dollars to our hotels, restaurants and stores. We look forward to next year’s festival the second weekend of August.

Franklin Chamber of Commerce staff

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