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Last Tuesday, I came home and found a $20 bill stuck in my front door. Since no one owed me money, I knew something had been stolen. Both the front grilles of my BMW were gone.

I can only imagine what went through this guy’s head.

"I need some new grilles for my BMW but I certainly don't want to pay $160 for new ones."

"Wait, I know where there is a car just like mine, sitting in a driveway, I'll get them."


In my years of living upon this earth I have read many letters written to the press, and to other papers. If the Lord lets me live until Nov. 15, I will be 84 years old and have never written a letter to any paper to be published, but I think it’s about time. A vote was taken in this state, and carried by a large majority, that marriage would be between one man and one woman. That means no same sex marriages. When one man is allowed to call that unconstitutional and overturn it, then something is bad wrong.

Our forefathers would turn over in their graves if they could see how many people in office are turning the constitution around trying to make it say what they want it to say instead of what it says. People have lost their jobs and many more will lose their jobs because of this ruling. They have said we will follow what God tells us in his holy word instead of bowing down to man’s rulings. As long as we have people like that there is still hope for our nation.


I would like to make a response to the letter from Rachel Truesdell, published on Oct. 16, which was so critical of Franklin’s Mayor Bob Scott and the Town Board. I wonder if Ms. Truesdell is a land owner in Macon County. If she is, perhaps she should consider deeding her property to the Eastern Band of the Cherokees. At least it would be hers to give. It is entirely possible that there may be Indian burials on her property, if she owns any. There would certainly be as much reason that she should do this as there is for the town to deed the Nikwasi Mound to the Cherokee.

As Mayor Scott pointed out in his response to Ms. Truesdell, the Cherokee did not build the Mounds. And they have been saying themselves since at least the early 1700s that they did not build the mounds. In the early history that I have read, their Council House that was built on the mound sounds comparable to a combination of our Town Hall and community facilities building, not to a church.


It was very sad to witness all the hateful rhetoric tossed around during elections this year.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a display of lies and distortions and we have sunken to a new depth of slime. The scary part is that we may never dig ourselves out. Will we ever be able to bring honesty and decency back to the political arena? I just don’t know and based on what I recently observed, we may not. Reason and logic have given way to hatred of any opposing ideas using any means to defeat an opponent.

People that I look to for leadership joined in and immersed themselves in the slime and were a great disappointment to me as human beings.

Politics should not resort to the fights that fans get into after a football or soccer game and should rise above all the fracas. But, sadly, it doesn’t.


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