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Critics of my recent letter to the editor accused me of being a Nazi propagandist, a “radical,” a “flat-earther,” a “liar” (unspecified), and ignorant of “the facts and science.”

Why the vitriol? I dared to write that the “global warming crisis” was non-existent. That view contradicted President Obama’s “We Need to Act” [on “global warming”] speech on June 25, 2013, and that cult-like belief of many leftists. Leftists world-wide have used this “crisis” to advance their political agenda for bigger government, increased regulation, higher taxes, and wealth redistribution.

Australian voters just replaced their government after experiencing the devastating economic impact of implementing Obama-like initiatives to attack the non-existent “global warming crisis.” Can the U.S. learn from other countries?


Today I had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting at our beautiful, needed dialysis clinic here in Macon County. It was well attended, but there was one person who is the reason the clinic is here and that’s commissioner Ronnie Beale. If anybody deserved a well done, It’s him.

We here in Macon say thank you. We veterans know well how much Ronnie Beale has supported us, with our wonderful Veterans Memorial here in town and now the clinic.

All veterans salute you, sir.

William Trapani — Franklin, N.C.

Clubs and churches have been rewarded a “Proud to Recycle Here” sticker for their superior recycling, repurposing or reusing methods at their facility. Recognized recently are the Nantahala Hiking Club, The Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild, Franklin Garden Club, Nantahala Physical Therapy Center, and the Franklin Health and Fitness Center.

With some guidance from Macon Pride members and Joel Ostroff, Macon County Recycling Coordinator, more and more of what most people consider trash to be thrown into the landfill is now put in the recycling bins at the county’s Recycling and Convenience Centers. Recycling makes money for the county which keeps our taxes low and our landfills not full.


Is the rest of the Jackson County carrying on like the folks in Dillsboro? A quick drive down 107 or out to the hospital will tell you every auto parts store has customers, every beauty shop has customers, and of course, every drug store has customers. There are new buildings being constructed. Business may be down all over the state but every drive-thru joint has cars lined up burning that expensive gas so that the lazy driver (and most likely an overweight person) can pick up a burger, fries and soda. The bags, naps and cup will probably end up on the side of Highway107. It is so sad but true. It seems to me that everyone and his brother are looking for a hand out, bail out or some type of pay out. Whatever happened to self-reliance, independence and accepting the consequences for one’s decisions/ actions?


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