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Opinion Letters

I am wanting to write to the editor about fixing the roads around Macon County. I know that the county is probably a little tight on money right now with the economy the way it is, but when we can make up the money to fix the roads there are many roads that need to be fixed.

Some off the top of my head are Old Highlands Rd., Siler Rd. and 441 bypass/64 W. There is a lot of traffic that goes on these roads, especially around five o’clock in the afternoon when the people that work in Highlands are coming home, and the longer these roads are left unattended, the worse they will become.


Many years ago, when Macon County had amassed an immense Fund Balance, it was claimed that we benefitted by all the interest that the county was earning. That was an excuse, not a reason.

At the time, the county was not chartered as a bank or a money market manager. It was not their job then to sit on the peoples’ money, and it still isn’t. And, as we all know, interest earnings are nearly insignificant, so that excuse is out the window.

In an article appearing in one of the area’s newspapers on May 8, Commissioner Ronnie Beale was quoted as saying, “I’m very proud of our fund balance. It gives us latitude. It’s not just like Monopoly money.” While I have no idea what the reference to Monopoly money means, I get the shivers when I hear an influential commissioner saying, “It gives us latitude.”


I don’t know about you but when I read our local paper, the first place I go is the classifieds. How about you? I have watched the same ad appear in the paper over several times. The ad and I quote, “Family support position” it then tells you what is required for the job.

With the work outlook in this area poor, I cannot wonder why this job isn’t filled. But read the ad and there is your answer. Spanish speaking preferred. Well, well, when my grandpa came from Sicily, he learned English to get a job. It seems to me the people who will receive this service should learn to speak English. But I guess I am old school. USA first!

Hey, wonder if this is reverse discrimination? Just a thought. With respect,

William L. Trapani — Franklin, N.C.

The Franklin Lions Club is going into a very busy season and we will once again be calling on the support of this fine community. We recently held a White Cane Candy Day. We appreciated the donations put in our white buckets as we stood at various intersections in town. This money will go strictly to assist those in need of eye exams and glasses. We are in the process of our summer Film Festival campaign. This year in co-operation with the Ruby Cinemas, the Children’s Film Festival will run for 11 weeks.

Family friendly entertainment will be provided every Tuesday and Thursday with movie showings at 10 a.m. and noon. Our letters asking for donations will be in the mail any time now. If anyone would like to help promote this activity for the children, you may take a contribution to the theater or give to any Lion member.


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