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This is in response to Vic Drummond’s letter arguing that man’s contribution to global warming is a false assertion because he can cite contrary “evidence.” The problem is that Mr. Drummond does not understand the scientific method. Evdence for this is his use of the term “scientific proof.” Scientists have long understood, strictly thinking, there is no such thing as “scientific proof.” Rather, an accepted hypothesis is one that has failed to be adequately disproved. This requires more than choosing only “evidence” which supports one’s hypothesis (called confirmation bias) as Mr. Drummond has done. Required is consideration of all the evidence, not just the evidence you select.


Is there evidence to believe?

There are some things that are difficult to believe, because they cannot be seen. Then there are some things even when seen are hard to believe. The belief of either the beginning of creations starting from nothing or from God can be hard to imagine. Then seeing a magician running a sword though a box and into a person seems so real, but should not be believed, even though it seems so real. Some say there is no God, no Christ – where's the evidence, I want to see to believe.


Whenever a representative is elected to the U.S. Congress they are required to take an oath on a Bible or by affirmation. They vow to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office.

Among those duties is to create a budget and pay government bills. The government default in 2011 caused by the Republicans, cost the taxpayer (you and me) $1.3 billion according to the GAO. Now they are at it again, jobs will be lost, stock markets are in decline, faith in the government to pay its bills are in decline, the economy could shrink by .09 percent and if there is a default the cost could run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.


This is a followup to my mid-August letter regarding student loans for federal staffers. Recently I called North Carolina's 13 Representatives and received similar responses to those from our nation's 100 senators. Most were receptive, a few were not. One staff member transferred me to someone who was out of the office, another told me to call my own representative and one refused to speak with me.

I was able to speak with staff of 10 of our 13 Representatives’ Washington office. Seven of the 10 said they didn't know where their rep stood on the student loan interest rate issue and seven also (not always the same seven) stated they did not know whether their rep uses the program's funding to pay student loans for their staff.


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